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Building a Data Driven Culture by Microsoft Sr Manager

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Product Management Event at #ProductCon Seattle on Building a Data Driven Culture by Ria Sankar, Senior Manager, Analytics for Ethics & Compliance at Microsoft.

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Building a Data Driven Culture by Microsoft Sr Manager

  1. 1. Building a Data Driven Culture by Microsoft Sr Manager
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  10. 10. Ria Sankar T O N I G H T ’ S S P E A K E R
  11. 11. Building a Data Driven Culture @SankarRia
  12. 12. First, 5 lessons learned along the way.
  13. 13. OXO Good Grips Deep customer empathy brings transformation
  14. 14. The Law of Unintended Consequences Instrument for leading indicators of failure
  15. 15. The Placebo effect The importance of hypothesis-driven testing Further Viewing: Picture Source: Source: Wikimedia Commons
  16. 16. Spurious Correlations Correlation != Causation Sources:
  17. 17. Left-handed Bias Statistics can be sinister without reliable data Further Reading: Source: If this were true, being left-handed ~= smoking 120 cigarettes a day
  18. 18. The 6 pillars of a data driven culture.
  19. 19. Focus on diversity of experience, skills & education Source: 1: Diverse Team
  20. 20. 2. Customer Empathy Understand your customer’s functional, social and emotional needs Social “Give volunteers a way to connect with like-minded friends” Emotional “Instill in veterans a new mission and sense of purpose” Functional “Find the best volunteers for disaster response” Source:
  21. 21. Understand their: 1. Circumstance 2. Desired Outcome 3. Level of Quality 4. Barriers Source:
  22. 22. • Time to appointment • Time to care • Cost of treatment • Effective treatment • Provider expertise • Complexity of care Case Study: Immediate Clinic From: WHEN my child is hurt, I NEED immediate care SO I CAN relax knowing that she is pain-free
  23. 23. 3: Business Consequences Source: Define your learning plan with a view of F.A.T.E. principles
  24. 24. Identify specific, measurable KPIs and benchmarks EffectiveSalesperson Belief Frequency Metric Result
  25. 25. Instrument for cause, effect, and response Cause EffectResponse
  26. 26. Qual & Quant effective in understanding new or sparse use cases Further reading:
  27. 27. Customer Empathy High quality Data Business Problem Insight Establish a single source of truth and data dictionary 4: Data Literacy
  28. 28. Invest in data quality and tiered data access Data Ingestion Data Collection Data Storage Data Access Data Insights Further Reading: https://www.go-
  29. 29. MAP CHART Graphical tools provide practical significance & isolate data issues
  30. 30. Law of the Vital Few 80% of effects come from 20% of causes Further Reading: The 7 basic quality tools: Source:
  31. 31. 5: Hypotheses Testing Experiments provide an objective view of effect and significance
  32. 32. Belief Offline Test No Change Online Experiment No Change Significant Difference Ship! Significant Difference Offline metrics, Surveys, Sample data, Panel Studies Online Experimentation with AB or Multi-variate tests Lifecycle of a Belief Customer Interaction, Problem Definition, Data Collection
  33. 33. Experiment Design 101 Scientific vs. Design thinking
  34. 34. Hypothesis Testing Roadmap: 101 Source:
  35. 35. Establish urgency with a powerful story Authenticity Insight Purpose 6: Storytelling
  36. 36. Source: Authenticity Purpose Insight
  37. 37. Thank you! @SankarRia
  38. 38. Part-time Product Management, Coding, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, UX Design, Product Leadership courses and Corporate Training