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Tips for eCommerce Web Design

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Your eCommerce website design can convert your customers into sales. Here some eCommerce web design tips are explained to attract and keep your customers on your website that will improve user experience and boost sales.

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  • In my opinion, checkout process is one of the most important element of an ecommerce website that needs to have a perfectly designed UI and UX.
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Tips for eCommerce Web Design

  1. 1. Complicated filters Try to add simple and clear system of filters to attract your customers.
  2. 2. Keep the search line in sight Search line shouldn’t be hidden. Search line shouldn’t be hidden.
  3. 3. In stock / out of stock Create a section with product availability information, and add a field “Notify me when the item is in stock”
  4. 4. Item photos Product photo quality should be excellent. If you can make 3D or video about the product is better.
  5. 5. Shopping Cart Place the shopping cart where it is convenient for the customer to spot it.
  6. 6. Bread Crumbs Always add Bread crumbs – a very convenient, useful and efficient navigating tool
  7. 7. Final cost Show the final cost on the product page or shopping cart page
  8. 8. Every pixel Each pixel works for the site success
  9. 9. SEO SEO – is one the keys to success
  10. 10. Stand out from the crowd The ecommerce site design should be original and unique
  11. 11. Social Media Add social media icons on the site
  12. 12. Newsletter subscription Subscribe the newsletters on website
  13. 13. Clean pages Think of each page as a part of the whole, avoid too much differentiation
  14. 14. Testimonials Testimonials are an important part of today’s ecommerce site. Add them
  15. 15. Product Variations Try to provide variation of products to the customers
  16. 16. Simple checkout Add checkout pages in such a way that they should have less distracting factors
  17. 17. Add to cart Highlight call to action buttons, so it should stand out from the rest of blocks and elements
  18. 18. Contacts Indicate your email address, telephone number and contact form
  19. 19. Contact us For attractive and eye-pleasing website design services, reach us