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Student Information System ( S.I.S. )

The objective of Student information System is to allow the administrator
of any organization to edit and find out the personal details of a student and
allows the student to keep up to date his profile .It’ll also facilitate keeping
all the records of students, such as their id, name, mailing address, phone
number, DOB etc. So all the information about an student will be available
in a few seconds.
Overall, it’ll make Student Information Management an easier job for the
administrator and the student of any organization. The main purpose of this SRS document is to illustrate the requirements of the project Student information System and is intended to help any organization to maintain and manage its student’s personal data.

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Student Information System ( S.I.S. )

  1. 1. WEB SIM for college student
  2. 2. Group MeMbers Shashank Agarwal (1006413094) Pulkit Sharma (1006413079) Shreyash Chaturvedi (1006413099) Tanuj Sharma (1006413120)
  3. 3. INDEX 1. Introduction 2. Scope 3. Features 4. Objective 5. Hardware Requirement 6. Software Requirement 7. Database 8. Diagrams 9. Limitation 10. Conclusion 11. References
  4. 4. INTROD UCTION  OVERVIEW : Sim is a direct interface between college & student/their parents. Here Students or their Parents/Guardians can check the his/her performance using the provided login id and password to them. You can check the Books Issued, Attendance, or Session Marks obtained by his/her in the current session.
  5. 5. SCOPE The “ WEB Student Information System” application is built on the case study of HCST , FARAH after analysing the requirements at its premises pertaining to adding student information, updating student information , deleting student information, and viewing student information. It also provides with advanced search facilities and facilities to create authorised users with passwords and also for changing their passwords at some later stage.
  6. 6. FEATURES The Student Information System empowers you to: • Manage Student Information efficiently. • Record Student Billing details like name , roll- no., course , stream, semester , date of birth , father’s name , address , phone no., email id , etc. • Add, Update & Delete Students information easily. • Trace Student Records through this Software • Manage your own Security by providing authorized user name & passwords.
  7. 7. Objective • To provide a proper registration channel/ system to the new students. • To maintain all the accounts of the students in digital form from enrollment up to the end of the study. • To update the information available to the departments at their desk whenever required in just a click away. • To have a centralized control over the records of the students.
  8. 8. Hardware & Software Requirement Hardware : Dual core processor 128 Ram 40 GB Keyboard Mouse Software : Window xp2 /xp3/7 will be the preferred OS Wamp Server Web browser Dream viewer
  9. 9. Database MySQL o MySQL is a database management system o MySQL is a relational database management system o MySQL software is Open Source. o The MySQL Database Server is very fast, reliable, and easy to use o MySQL Server works in client/server or embedded systems. Why MySQL? MySQL runs on more than 20 platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Solaris, IBM AIX.. MySQL offers a comprehensive range of database tools, support, training and consulting services.
  11. 11. Zero Level DFD
  12. 12. 1 Level DFD
  13. 13. E-R Diagram
  14. 14. Limitation Due to security requirements Local user can not use all utilities and modify system settings Not for mobile user
  15. 15. Conclusion • Teachers can manage attendance using web sim . So that paperwork can be eliminated. • Generate attendance reports any time which allows teachers to know student is eligible to attend the exams or not. • Students as well as parents can track grades effortlessly. • Thus the project is the user friendly approach
  16. 16. References Web Sites Search Engine