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DevSecOps: Key Controls to Modern Security Success

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DevSecOps: Key Controls to Modern Security Success

  1. 1. 3/27/2019 DevSecOps: Key Controls For Modern Security Success Eastern Iowa Security Conference © 2019 Puma Security, LLC | All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 2 • Principal Security Engineer, Puma Security – Coder: static analysis engine, cloud automation, security tools – Security assessments: DevSecOps, cloud, source code, web apps, mobile apps • DevSecOps Curriculum Manager, SANS Institute – SANS Certified Instructor – Contributing author of SEC540, DEV544, and DEV531 • Education & Training – Iowa State M.S. Information Assurance, B.S. Computer Engineering – AWS Certified Developer, CISSP, GSSP, GWAPT • Contact information – Email: – Twitter: @emjohn20 $WHOAMI
  3. 3. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 3 Agenda • Keys for Modern Security Success 1. Cloud & DevSecOps Practices 2. Pre-Commit: The Paved Road 3. Commit: CI / CD Security Controls 4. Acceptance: Supply Chain Security 5. Operations: Continuous Security Compliance
  4. 4. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 4 What are the goals and principles in DevSecOps? • Make security a first-class problem in DevOps • Make security a first-class participant in DevOps • Increase trust between dev, ops, and sec • Integrate security practices and ideas into DevOps culture • Wire security into DevOps workflows to incrementally improve security SecDevOps / DevSecOps / DevOpsSec / Rugged DevOps
  5. 5. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 5 • Cloud Security Top 10 • Serverless Security Top 10 • DevSecOps Toolchain • Building a DevSecOps Program Secure Cloud & DevOps Practices (
  7. 7. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC #1 Pre-Commit: The Paved Road 7
  8. 8. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 8 Dev, Sec, and Ops teams build secure by default frameworks, libraries, and services: • Popularized by Netflix "Gates to Guardrails" • Operations: Automated pipelines build, certify, and publish cloud infrastructure / machine images • Development: Secure templates for Web, APIs, front-end, serverless projects • Security: Automated security pipeline scans, unit tests, acceptance tests, production assertions Build The Paved Road PRE-COMMIT
  9. 9. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 9 Network, Cloud, Infrastructure as Code templates for quickly provisioning certified environments for the development team to use: • On-premise or cloud hosted virtual machine gold images • On-premise or cloud hosted container gold images • Provisioning cloud network infrastructure • Deploying API gateway appliances for microservices • Managing Functions as a Service (FaaS) Operations Paved Road
  10. 10. Puma Security, LLC 10Puma Security, LLC 10 AWS CloudFormation infrastructure paved road example: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 LaunchConfiguration: Type: AWS::AutoScaling::LaunchConfiguration Metadata: Properties: ImageId: !FindInMap [ AWSRegionToAMI, !Ref "AWS::Region", AMI ] IamInstanceProfile: !Ref InstanceProfile KeyName: "devsecops" SecurityGroups: - !Ref SecurityGroup UserData: "Fn::Base64": !Sub | #!/bin/bash yum update -y Operations Paved Road Example Gold Image Least privilege Admin access Network configuration Supply chain security
  11. 11. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 11 Templates covering approved technology stacks with protection for common application security issues and misconfigurations: • Node.js, Django, Spring Boot, .NET Core, Ruby Rails, Functions, etc. • Secrets management storage • Secure transport configuration (HTTPS) • Enable authentication / authorization • Configure password management / single sign on • Include common libraries for data validation, logging, encoding, etc. Development Paved Road
  12. 12. Puma Security, LLC 12Puma Security, LLC 12 .NET Core paved road example w/ security protections pre- configured:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) { services.Configure<IdentityOptions>(options => { options.Password.RequiredLength = 15; options.Lockout.MaxFailedAccessAttempts = 5; } services.AddMvc(options => { options.Filters.Add(new AuthorizeFilter(new AuthorizationPolicyBuilder() .RequireAuthenticatedUser().Build())); }); } public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env) { app.UseRewriter(new RewriteOptions().AddRedirectToHttps()); app.AddSecurityHeaders(); } Development Paved Road Example Password Configuration Authorization HTTPS
  13. 13. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC #2 Commit: CI / CD Security Controls 13
  14. 14. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC • Integrate tools to automate build, test, acceptance, and deployment of infrastructure, cloud, and applications into a repeatable workflow: Continuous Integration & Delivery Security Controls COMMIT (CI) 14
  15. 15. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC • Merging new features requires approval from peers and security team prior to triggering the build pipeline: CI / CD Security Controls: Version Control 15
  16. 16. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC • Approved merge request triggers automated unit tests, security scans, audit reports, and fast feedback: CI / CD Security Controls: Acceptance Testing 16
  17. 17. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC • Build pipelines contain artifacts from security scans and compliance checks: CI / CD Security Controls: Audit Reports 17
  18. 18. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC #3 Acceptance: Supply Chain Security 18
  19. 19. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 19 Serious vulnerabilities can be inherited from open source libraries, docker images, infrastructure templates, and serverless functions: • Carefully review content before usage • Run tools to automatically the scan code base / images • Identify external dependencies • Check against public vulnerability database(s) • Integrate supply chain security scanning into CI/CD • WARNING: Some tools may not check transitive dependencies Supply Chain Security
  20. 20. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 20 • OWASP Dependency Check (Java, .NET, Ruby, Python) – _Check • Bundler-Audit (Ruby) – • NPM Audit / Retire.JS (NodeJS) – – • PHP Security Checker – Supply Chain Security: Application Scanning Tools DEPENDENCY MANAGEMENT ACCEPTANCE
  21. 21. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 21 • OWASP Dependency Check scan and vulnerability report in a Jenkins CI pipeline: Supply Chain Security: Application Scanning Example
  22. 22. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 22 Open source container image security scanning tools: • Anchore — • Actuary — • Clair — • Falco — Supply Chain Security: Container Image Scanning Tools CONTAINER SECURITY ACCEPTANCE
  23. 23. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 23 • Invoking an Anchore image scan and capturing vulnerability data in a Jenkins CI pipeline: Supply Chain Security: Container Image Scanning Example
  24. 24. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 24 Hardened infrastructure templates can be used as references: • DevSec Hardening Templates — Automated hardening framework using Puppet, Chef, Ansible — Linux, Windows, SSH, Docker, K8S, Apache, Nginx — • System Integrity Management Platform (SIMP) — Hardened Puppet infrastructure configuration and testing — NIST 800-53, DISA STIG, FIPS 140-2 RHEL & CentOS templates — Supply Chain Security: Hardened Infrastructure Templates INFRASTRUCTURE AS CODE ACCEPTANCE
  25. 25. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC Managing function dependencies in AWS Lambda can be achieved using Layers: • Build pipelines remove third-party libraries from deployment packages • CloudOps manages centralized layers containing approved third-party libraries • Third-party vendors are leveraging Layers to further harden function runtime environments: — PureSec FunctionShield — Twistlock Defender Supply Chain Security: FaaS Dependency Management Lambda function Layer Layer Execution Environment 25
  26. 26. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC #4 Operations: Continuous Security Compliance 26
  27. 27. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 27 Leveraging security configuration tools to automate audit and compliance checks: • Test the server and infrastructure configuration against expected baseline and report any deviations • Tests should include severity, risk level, and description information • Match tests against compliance checklist items or regulatory policies • Automated testing tools available for Linux, Unix, Windows, AWS, Azure and VMWare Continuous Security Compliance PRODUCTION
  28. 28. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 28 Security compliance / acceptance testing tools: • InSpec – • OpenSCAP – • Cloud Custodian (AWS, GCP, Azure) – • ScoutSuite (AWS, GCP, Azure) – • AWS Benchmark Scanner – Continuous Security Compliance: Tools SECURITY CONFIGURATION PRODUCTION
  29. 29. Puma Security, LLC 29Puma Security, LLC 29 Running InSpec against a running Docker container: Example InSpec output results from the Linux baseline profile: 1 2 $ docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/share chef/inspec exec baseline -t docker://container_id Continuous Security Compliance: InSpec Docker Scan 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ✅ os-01: Trusted hosts login ✅☑︎ Command find / -name '.rhosts' stdout should be empty ✅ Command find / -name 'hosts.equiv' stdout should be empty X os-02: Check owner and permissions for /etc/shadow (1 failed) ✅ File /etc/shadow should exist ✅ File /etc/shadow should be file ✅ File /etc/shadow should be owned by "root" ✅ File /etc/shadow should not be executable X File /etc/shadow group should eq nil
  30. 30. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 30 • Exporting InSpec results to JUnit format and integrating with Jenkins CI: Continuous Security Compliance: Jenkins InSpec Integration
  31. 31. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC 31 • Running the AWS CIS Benchmark scan via AWS Config rules: Continuous Security Compliance: AWS CIS Benchmark Scan
  32. 32. Puma Security, LLCPuma Security, LLC Puma Security, LLC | 2019 32 Thank you for attending!• Keys for Modern Security Success S U M M A R Y 1. Cloud & DevSecOps Practices 2. Pre-Commit: The Paved Road 3. Commit: CI / CD Security Controls 4. Acceptance: Supply Chain Security 5. Operations: Continuous Security Compliance Contact Information: • • @emjohn20

Notas del editor

  • 10 years in corporate America, large FI. Dev ---> AppSec risk assessment / audits. Co-founder of Puma Security, where we focus on modern static analysis, DevSecOps automation, secure development lifecycle consulting, cloud security assessments. Many of the real life experiences and war stories from our endeavors led to me co-authoring SEC540 with Jim Bird, Frank Kim, Ben Allen a modern Cloud Security and DevSecOps Automation course.
  • Goals for today is to introduce you to the phases of DevSecOps, and discuss what I believe to be the key security controls in DevSecOps.
  • DevSecOps means different things to folks working in different disciplines of InfoSec. DevOps itself originates from a software development methodology to support the speed of Agile by delivering changes out to the real world faster, rather than letting them build up over time. Toolchain relies heavily on dev tools, source control (git), CI (Jenkins), Cloud (Infrastructure / Services) historically used only by development teams.

    - For this reason, Application security folks (OWASP junkies) will say that DevSecOps == AppSec. As a whole, DevSecOps is much bigger than Dev & AppSec.

    - Operations: Infrastructure as Code allows us to rapidly build and provision on-premise and cloud networks. Network Security teams can leverage DevSecOps to automate network scans, look for anomalies in traffic, provision network device configuration of firewalls, switches, routers, etc. ALL in code through CI / CD.

    - SOC / IR: Chris Rothe from Red Canary - Writing AV signatures, detectors in yaml / Ruby DSL test cases and automatically running acceptance testing with Rspec.

    Forensics: Student took our 540 class, and after 4 days of watching pipelines build apps, containers, cloud infrastructure, suddenly light bulb came on

    Overall, DevSecOps is a methodology with massive support from the open source community.
  • Free resource created by the SEC540 authors, link is on the slide. Eric, Ben Allen, Jim Bird, Frank, Ben Hagen, Ory Segal from PureSec.
  • The First Key To Modern Security success: Build The Paved Road. Things that we can do before code is written.
  • The Netflix devsecops journey is very mature at this point & is well documented on their github repositories, white papers, presentations at AWS RE:Invent. Success stories from Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, and other early DevSecOps adopters all include this paved road concept. Here's key #1 to modern security success:

    Iteration Zero builds a paved road template for engineers to start with. Take the up front time to build a repeatable, code-driven template for the long haul.

    Operations creates ansible / terraform scripts for building the gold images / container base images / networks for hosting the development stack.

    Development - creating a scaffoldoing template with approved packages for crypto, validation, authN, authZ, etc. pre-configured. File -> New -> Web API project.

    Security - Pipelines for continuously assessing DSC of the cloud, running unit tests, acceptance tests. Checking for high risk code changes.
  • Infrastructure as Code to build gold images -> Vagrant for acceptance testing a temporary vm, and packer to export the image to VMWare, AWS, GCP, or Azure VMs.

    Dockerfile to private container registries holding gold docker images.

    Terraform / CloudFormation / Puppet to build cloud infrastructure with secure by default FaaS, api gateways, VPC networks, etc.
  • CVE-2019-5736: Example of patching runc - Malicious container escape -. Patching AMI and redeploying infrastructure.
  • Example: .NET MVC:
  • Learn to love these tools. Automate all of the things. No tool is worth purchasing if the API does not support everything that you can do from the user interface. Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Team City, Circle CI.
  • Interesting notes from class: Forensics pipelines, pen testing pipelines (app sec pipeline), audit pipelines, copy editing SANS materials.
  • High risk code reviews, comments, tracking requirements down to a single line of code that was modified to address the requirement.
  • cfn-nag - security scanner against the templates. Puppet-lint-security, terrascan, custom security tests, high risk code checks.
  • Auditing evidence for compliance. Look, we ran our security scanner, results were clean on each build. The cloud infrastructure meets the AWS CIS Benchmark.
  • In my opinion, largest problem facing InfoSec today. SANS DevSecOps survey: 80% code we didn't write.
  • App side - nuget, maven, npm not new issues.

    What is new - gold images can be downloaded from the chef supermarket, puppet forge, and aws marketplace. Docker images.

    Taking a step further - aws waf marketplace download firewall rules. Or Serverless app repository to install and execute serverless functions.
  • Audit / compliance / security start managing desired state config smoke tests after deployments.