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Solve the 5 annoyances things during you online

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Solve the 5 annoyances things during you online

  1. 1. Solve the 5 annoyances things during you online Now many people make their lives connect with the internet closely, Frankly said internet really bring us more convenience, but some of things online is not good for us, the follow conclude show you how to skip away 5 annoyances below. 1This Link is an Ad No money-making editorial Web site is free of advertisements--PCWorld included--but I hope my publishers never include those links that create a pop-up ad when you hover over them. Do people even look at those ads? I just hunt for the “X” and get back to the editorial. The Tip: Internet Explorer users have it easy: Go to your list of restricted sites (Tools, Internet Options, Security, Restricted Sites in IE8) and block the following: “*,” “*” and “*” Firefox users can get the same results by restricting those sites with the BlockSite add-on. Everyone else can block those sites with a free OpenDNS account. 2 The protected video With its ever expanding catalog of movies and TV shows, the iTunes Store is a great place to stock up on video content for an iPod. But why spend your hard-earned money there when you already have a vast collection of DVDs, iMovies, and other video files at your fingertips? The tip: With the help of some free media converter software in the market, you can convert these videos into iPod-compatible files. 3 Don't Open That Window We are Web surfers, not babies, so why do some Web sites open new browser windows or tabs when you click on a link? If your site is compelling enough, I promise I won't leave just to check out a link. The Tip: Firefox users can type about: config in the address bar, search for “” in the filter field, double click on open new window and change the value to 1. Still, I wish browsers had a “never open in new window or tab” option. My solution was to train myself over many years to open pretty much everything in its own tab. 4 This Ad is a Video Is it just me, or have Web sites with auto-playing video ads become more prevalent lately? Congratulations, advertisers, you got me to listen to your pitch by sheer force. Only now, I hate your brand, if only I could remember what it was. Copyright © summy
  2. 2. Solve the 5 annoyances things during you online The Tip: Here's a neat piece of Windows software called FlashMute. It installs to your system tray and can deny Flash access to your audio hardware. Just click the icon or hit Ctrl-Alt-M to switch it on and off. Note: Anti-virus programs tend to flare up when visiting FlashMute's download page. The developer says it's because FlashMute uses the same method of hooking into your browser as some types of AdWare, but it's only intercepting sound from Flash and other Web sources fairwarning. 5 You Must Register My abbreviated rant on pay and registration walls: No. Impressive as it as that site can track your visits without any sign-in process, asking to cough up money after a limited number of articles-- I'm looking at you, Financial Times--is silly if you're not a regular reader. The Tip: Some sites, such as the Wall Street Journal, will let you in via aggregators like Google News. So if you're blocked, try a Google News search on the subject. You can also try snipping some of the text and plugging it into a search engine, in quotes, to see if another site has quoted or summarized the article. Copyright © summy