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  1. 1. Indie Rock is a genre of music that originated in the UK and USA in the 1980’s. It is extremely diverse with many sub-genres within it such as indie pop, jangle pop and lo-fi among others. In the mid 80’s ‘Indie’ became a term to describe music produced on punk labels rather than the labels themselves. Bands like The Smiths began to get big and be heard on all radio stations as they rejected the dominant synth pop of the early 80’s and helped inspire guitar and bass based music. In the US ‘Indie’ became known with bands like the Pixies and Meat Puppets. The 1990’s began to make major changes to the indie/alternative rock scene. Bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam became more popular and were placed in the ‘Alternative’ bracket. In the UK bands such as Blur and Oasis became more mainstream, which took them away from the Indie scene, however their music still remains as indie rock as there is no others like them. From the 2000’s to present digital technology as improved allowing people to access music without CD’s, this has made it easier for Indie bands to get recognized and stay as Indie bands for as long as possible. Once they are signed many bands were considered sell outs as their music would generally change afterwards and not retain the Indie sound that is very much guitar based.
  2. 2. NME Magazine is published by IPC Media who create a wide variety of magazines. NME is the most successful music magazine in Europe. Their magazines vary from men's magazines to women's to music. They are en extremely diverse publishing company who produce very well known magazines such as NME, Nuts and Marie Clare. IPC has years of experience with publishing and know how to make a quality magazine which plays a part in making them successful. IPC does not have a specific target audience for all of their magazines as a whole as they publish such a variety. NME’s target audience would be people aged 16+ theat enjoy inide/rock/alternative music as that is what is usually highly featured throughout the magazines, however NME do have magazines that relate to other sub-genres of music such as grime, this was evident with the issue where Dizzee Rascal is the cover model. His music is totally different to Brandon Flowers of The Killers who is featured on this copy of NME. The diversity of the music NME feature is a reflection of IPC.
  3. 3. IPC Media would be suitable for my magazine as it is going to be diverse and different. MY magazine is based on the sub-genre and general style of NME, which they publish. IPC are able to reach a wide variety of target audiences as they have such a wide range. They print with quality and have the magazine in mind for every process; what type of paper to use, sizing, etc. IPC have the responsibility to print magazines to an amazing standard with the target audience in mind, as they have over 60 iconic brands relying on them I believe they would be also able to publish my magazine to a high standard.