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Brain beats 2013

  2. 2. Research & Conducted By Sanakendu Sutradhar Mail me – Call me-- +918293661522
  5. 5. 1
  6. 6. 2
  7. 7. 3
  8. 8. 4
  9. 9. 5
  10. 10. Exchange Sheet
  11. 11. Answers
  12. 12. 1
  13. 13. 2
  14. 14. 3
  15. 15. 4
  16. 16. 5
  17. 17. Infinite Bounce
  18. 18. CLOCK WISE
  19. 19. 1 1.Concerning Discipline 2.The Duties Government Superintendents. 3.Concerning Laws. 4.The Removal of Thrones. 5.The Conduct of Courtiers.6.The Source of Sovereign States. 7.The end of the six fold policy. 8.Concerning views and calamaties.9.The work of invader. 10.Relating to war.11.The Conduct of corpotions.12.Concerning a powerful enemy. 13.strategic means to capture. 14.Secret means.15.The plan of a treatise. By which name we all know these books?
  20. 20. Arthasastra
  21. 21. 2 The origin of this phrase is not clear. Some say it is a stand-up comedian named Jordan Brady, who introduced it in an early 1990s stand-up show called The A-List. Urban dictionary says ‘Sex scenes in porn videos during the seventies were accompanied with what was considered to be cheesy music, even by seventies standards. The music was generically the same, sounding much like X. As a result, the phrase came into usage to reference something sexual, whether explicit or implied’. More recently, an ad campaign by a famous company used a slight variant of this popular phrase. Id the phrase?
  22. 22. 3 At the beginning of each year, Brad Oltmanns, Rick Rosas and about 12 others go to an undisclosed location in Southern California and do something, the details and results of which are kept top secret. In fact, they are again broken into isolated groups so that one group is unaware of the other’s action. This lasts for a period of 3 days. What do they do?
  23. 23. Counting of the OSCAR votes
  24. 24. 4 Tuvalu a island between Australia and Hawaii. During late 90s made headlines for $50 million deal it made with Jason Chapnik a business person from Toronto. The deal help Tuvalu government make money and provide electricity on its outer island. What did the Tuvalu government sell to Chapnik?
  25. 25. Domain .tv internet rights.
  26. 26. 5 Sanjib Mehta a business man from Mumbai buying a famous British company in 2005.This British company started in 1600 when British Queen granted a group merchants charts under the name “The company of merchants of London.” Now the brands sells luxury gift sets, coffees, teas, jams and others goods inspired by the company?
  27. 27. East India Company
  28. 28. 6 Id the person? recently in news
  29. 29. Francis newly selected pope
  30. 30. 7 This things started on 12th September 1919 and take place twice daily. Now the proceed like that five participants take participate by phone.5 participate are Scotia- Mocatta , Barclays Capital , Deaustche Bank , HSBC , and Societe General. This things always ends with the phrase “THERE ARE NO FLAGS AND WE ARE FIXED”. What is being fixed?
  31. 31. Gold Price
  32. 32. 8 CONNECT
  33. 33. HERGE
  34. 34. 9 X started by Col Needham as a Paper list. After launch of USENET an internet discussion forum system general people also add information to the list. In 17th October 1990 Col Needham make a complete list with help of his two assistants. After launch of WWW they launch their website named “Cardiff AB database. Because server was connected with Cardiff University. Later they change their brought this site on X?
  36. 36. 10 Product description printed on what? Wash proof, Each medicated pad contains Benzalkonium chloride solution IP. Equivalent Benzalkonium chloride 0.5% ww?
  37. 37. Johnson & Johnson Band Aid
  38. 38. 11 S. Balakrishna concluded the date of X as 2559 BC using consecutive lunar eclipses. I. N. Iyengar concluded the date of X as 1478 BC using double eclipses and Saturn- Jupiter conjunctions. B. N. Achar states the date of X as 3067 BC using planetary positions. P. V. Holey states the date of X as November 13, 3143 BC using planetary positions and calendar systems. P.V.Vartak calculated the date of X as October 16, 5561 BC using planetary positions. What is X?
  39. 39. Kurukshetra War
  40. 40. 12 CONNECT
  41. 41. LIFE OF PI
  42. 42. 13 The X was created by an English bakery Peek Freans in London in 1874 to commemorate the marriage of the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia to the Duke of Edinburgh. It became popular throughout Europe, particularly in Spain where, following the Spanish Civil War, the X became a symbol of Spain's economic recovery?
  45. 45. +50 , -45
  46. 46. +45, -40
  47. 47. +40 , -35
  48. 48. +35, -30
  49. 49. +30 , -25
  50. 50. +25 , -20
  51. 51. +20 , -15
  52. 52. +15 , 10
  53. 53. +10 ,-5
  54. 54. +5
  57. 57. 1
  58. 58. 2
  59. 59. 3
  60. 60. 4
  61. 61. 5
  62. 62. 1
  63. 63. 2
  64. 64. 3
  65. 65. 4
  66. 66. 5
  68. 68. 1 X was brainchild of Miki Mehandiysky. X was launched in late 2003 to targeting developing countries. X sold s whapping 200 million pieces since its launch beating Sony play stations 2 (115 million) and apple ipad (110 millions) b great X
  70. 70. 2 The word X means "work" in Italian. X was written around 1597, largely under the inspiration of an elite circle of literate Florentine humanists who gathered as the "Camerata de' Bardi“ named Dafne by Jacopo Peri. Dafne was an attempt to revive the classical Greek drama. X started like X?
  71. 71. Opera
  72. 72. 3 A mid sized Korean semi conductor firm named DI corp that makes products named Monitoring Burn in Tester and Water test board had consistently lost money in2011-12.But some weeks in October 2012 firm owner Park won ho saw firm’s share price hiked from its original value 2000 to 5700 Korean won. Why?
  73. 73. Park Won Ho is the father of Park Jae Sing or PSY.
  74. 74. 4 It was first created by a Toyota subsidiary Denzo Wave in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing proccess.It was designed to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed. Since then several version have made. Versions 1— 21/21. 10-25 alphanumeric character Versions 4— 57/3357. 174-395 alphanumeric character. What denzo wave create?
  75. 75. Quick Response Code or QR Code
  76. 76. 5 X was launched on august 12,1998 by Senh Duong. Senh Duong was a big fan of Jackie Chan. Duong started collecting all the reviews of Chan's movies as they were coming out in the US. X name derives from the things when audience throwing something at a poor stage performance. Id X?
  78. 78. 6 X has also been associated with Shinto ritual, and even certain shrines carry out forms of ritual dance where a human is said to perform with a kami (a Shinto divine spirit). It was an important ritual at the imperial court. Representatives of each province were ordered to attend the contest at the court and perform. They were required to pay for their travels themselves. In 16th century 1st time a tournament of X organized by a person named Oda Nobunaga. Id X
  80. 80. 7 Time magazine placed an order for 6,965,000 pieces of Mylar(a thin polyester film) with a Minnesota firm during a particular year. A popular myth associated with its use is that it was a lift off of a scene from the movie “The Big Lebowski”.
  81. 81. TIME magazine “Person of the year-YOU” It was the silvery material on the cover so that you could see your face because of the reflecting material
  82. 82. 8 X was born on March 29, 1929 in Hindu kayastha family in Barisal. He studied initially at St. Edmunds School,Shillong, and later completed his Matriculation in 1945 from St. Xavier's Collegiate School, Kolkata. In 1949, he graduated with English Literature Honours from the St. Xavier's College, Calcutta, University of Calcutta. X also a teacher of English at the South Point School in Kolkata.X was the Hero (main lead) in Amitabh Bachchan's maiden venture Saat Hindustani. Id X?
  83. 83. Utapal Dutta
  84. 84. 9 is a New York based enterprise specializing in promotional merchandise. Their famous product is made of silicone and more than 80 million units have been sold across the world. The brand was Y and it was launch in 2004 on the basis of an idea by the advertising agency Widen Kennedy. However since last few months there have been reported that people having crossing out particular a single letter from this brand name. Id the particular letter and why people do this?
  85. 85. Vand X is livestrong become liestrong because of Lace armstrong acceptance of doping charges
  86. 86. 10 X created by A. A. Milne. The first collection of stories about the character was the book released in1926, and this was followed by The House at X Corner (1928). Milne also included a poem about the X in the children’s verse book When We Were Very Young (1924) and many more in Now We Are Six (1927). All four volumes were illustrated by E. H. Sheppard . Milne named the character X after a Y owned by his son, Christopher Robin Milne, who was the basis for the character Christopher Robin. Id X
  87. 87. Winnie The Pooh
  88. 88. 11 X created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, and first appeared X in September 1963. Professor Xavier created a haven at his Westchester mansion to train young mutants to use their powers for the benefit of humanity, and to prove mutants can be heroes. Xavier recruited Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl, calling them X. Id X?
  89. 89. X-men
  90. 90. 12 X original name is Kattassery Joseph. X has won the National Award seven times the most by any Indian (according to his/her field). He was awarded Padma Shri in 1975 and Padma Bhushan in 2002 by the Government of India for his contributions to the arts. X acting debuted was in 1965 Anarkalias a character ofTansen. Id X?
  91. 91. Yeshu Das
  92. 92. 13 Mark Pincus founded X in April 2007 under the name Presidio Media; the company name changed to current name in July 2007. X was named after an American bulldog once owned by Mark Pincus. The early supporting founding team included Eric Schiermeyer, Michael Luxton, Justin Waldron, Kyle Stewart, Scott Dale, Steve Schoettler, and Andrew Trader. X first product, Texas Hold'Em Poker, now known as X Poker, was released on Facebook in July 2007.Id X?
  93. 93. ZYNGA
  94. 94. HOW TO CONNECT
  95. 95. 1
  96. 96. 2
  97. 97. 3
  98. 98. 4
  99. 99. 5
  101. 101. Theme
  102. 102. +50 , -45
  103. 103. +45 , -40
  104. 104. +40 , -35
  105. 105. +35 , -30
  106. 106. +30 , 25
  107. 107. +25 , -20
  108. 108. +20 , -15
  109. 109. +15 , -10 Anupama chopra
  110. 110. +10 , -5
  111. 111. +5