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Solman Technosoft

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Solman Technosoft

  1. 1. Technosoft SAP Services SAP Solution Manager – Managed Solutions
  2. 2. SAP Solution Manager Implementation As business systems become more and more distributed, SAP clients need an effective tool to manage systems and implementation within their support infrastructures. Technosoft SAP Solution Manager Planning and Implementation services enable your enterprise to take full advantage of this SAP value added offering. SAP Solution Manager (SOLMAN) is a platform that provides the content, tools and methodologies your business needs to implement, support, operate and monitor enterprise wide SAP landscapes. Together with the SAP Service Marketplace, SAP Solution Manager represents SAP's strategic service infrastructure that guides our customers through all stages of their SAP solution life cycle. Technosoft supports all SOLMAN features and components, and maintains a team of SOLMAN consultants to ensure the highest quality support for your business. Technosoft’ extensive SOLMAN experience provides your business with a proven SOLMAN partner. Our SAP‐Certified consultants understand the complexities involved in implementing SOLMAN. We also have the ability to configure SOLMAN’s areas of support so that your business can take full advantage of the tools, the connection to SAP and the integrated content needed to implement, support and monitor SAP solutions. TECHNOSOFT ERP BENEFITS SAP‐Certified Solution Manager Consultants Proven and Repeatable Project Management Techniques Experience within Solution Manager’s Five Areas of Support Hardware and Database Independence Objective, Candid and Constructive Feedback Today, SAP Solution Manager consists of: Central documentation of system landscapes and core business processes Implementation tools, key functional implementation aspects such as blueprinting, configuration and testing (formerly delivered in Accelerated SAP or Value SAP toolset) Access to SAP Support Services and Best Practices Periodic service level reporting and real‐time monitoring of system components and business processes Advanced message handling for fast problem analysis and resolution including the SAP Note Assistant and a direct connection to the SAP Support Back Office.
  3. 3. Benefits of using SAP Solution Manager With SAP Solution Manager, companies benefit from the following: More reliable IT solutions – With SAP Solution Manager, companies can minimize risk both up front and during solution operation. Reduced cost of implementation and of continuous improvement – Tools and content provided by SAP Solution Manager make implementation and change‐management projects more efficient. Faster ROI – SAP Solution Manager accelerates implementation and continuous improvement. Reduced cost of operation – SAP Solution Manager provides a central point of control for multi‐component environments. Tools, content, and the gateway to SAP make IT solutions operate more efficiently. More leverage from IT investments – SAP Solution Manager is open and integrates into IT landscapes that include both SAP and non‐SAP applications. Companies can use it to reduce their TCO without making major changes to their IT environments. Process supported by SAP Solution Manager SAP Solution Manager supports currently the following processes: Implementation of SAP Solutions - Implement new or additional scenarios. Upgrade of SAP Components - Perform the upgrade of one or more SAP components within the solution landscape. Customizing Synchronization - Synchronization of customizing across your landscape. Test Management - Manage testing in a heterogeneous landscape. E-Learning Management - Educate end users about new or changed processes via e‐learning. Global Roll-Out - Global standardization and harmonization of customizing. EarlyWatch Alert Report - SAP Early Watch Alert runs automatically to keep you informed, so you can react to issues proactively before they become critical. Service Level Reporting - Comprehensive service level management and reporting to administrators and customers. System Monitoring - Monitor technical KPI's of your systems. Central System Administration - Central administration of systems in an SAP solution.
  4. 4. Business Process Monitoring - Ensure the end‐to‐end monitoring of business processes. Availability Reporting Service Reporting - Provide list of all services and hardware and software components of the landscape. Problem Management - Efficient management of problem messages via the Service Desk. Manage service connections - Efficiently manage service connections. Manage hot news - Classify and apply relevant hot news. Manage regular and urgent corrections - Adapt your solution to changed requirements. Manage support package stacks - Display and download patches. Root-cause analysis - Identify problems in Java applications. Onsite / Remote delivery - Offer, set up and improve Service and Support processes for all SAP technologies. Expertise on Demand Overall, Technosoft possesses an expertise in SOLMAN’s main five areas of support: 1. Implementation Support 2. Solution Monitoring 3. Operations and Services 4. Support Area 5. Upgrades First steps to successfully use SAP Solution Manager SAP empowers customers with multiple offerings to successfully start using SAP Solution Manager: Solution Manager homepage in SAP Service Marketplace Ramp‐up Knowledge Transfer Training SAP Solution Manager Starter Pack Consulting services SAP Solution Manager Preparation Service
  5. 5. Necessity of SOLMAN for Installation /Upgrade of New SAP Applications The SAP Solution Manager is the strategic application management platform for our customers and the collaboration between the customer and SAP. To ensure the availability of this application management platform a SAP Solution Manager system is technically required to perform any upgrade or installation of new SAP Applications. During the installation process a SAP Solution Manager system is required to generate the “SAP Solution Manager Key” for the installation of/upgrade. Without this key, the installation process cannot continue. Recommended Implementation Path The prerequisites for solution monitoring are as follows: a. Installation of SAP Solution Manager b. Activation of the SAP Early Watch Alert c. Documentation of your core business processes. Generally, the latter takes place through the SAP Solution Management Assessment (SMA). When the prerequisites are in place, SAP recommends: A. Implementing Service Level Reporting. This is where you define your key performance indicators (KPIs) and your methods for measurement. B. Evaluating the areas in which you want to implement real‐time monitoring: 1. System Monitoring 2. Interface Monitoring 3. Business Process Monitoring. C. Implementing the System Monitoring, Interface Monitoring and Business Process Monitoring in the chosen areas.
  6. 6. SOLMAN for END USER Training The SAP Solution Manager includes functionality to build Learning Maps from training material, descriptions and structures. This e‐Learning Management functionality is tightly integrated in SAP Solution Manager’s implementation and upgrade scenarios to support a project‐oriented knowledge transfer. Furthermore, all SAP Solution Manager customers can use SAP's simulation tool SAP Tutor to create SAP project specific learning material. SAP also provides Knowledge Transfer Optimization services and best practices to get up to speed with e‐learning methodologies and tools. Enterprise Learning Platform: - SAP Learning Solution ‐ The SAP Learning Solution (LS) is a complete solution capable of managing and integrating enterprise business and learning processes to achieve enterprise goals. The SAP LS provides a comprehensive, blended‐learning solution for all enterprise training requirements supporting both classroom training and e‐learning. The LS is fully integrated into SAP functionally and technically providing for consolidation of information, content, and learning processes across the global enterprise. For more information or to order, contact your local sales representative. E-Learning Authoring Tools: - SAP Tutor is a software simulation tool targeted at end‐users that is used to create customized simulations of your SAP Solution. SAP Tutor provides a simulated environment where end users can familiarize themselves with business processes, transactions and applications. The simulations can be viewed in demo mode or run in interactive mode, requiring user interaction. SAP Tutor simulations can also produce Word documentation using customer specific templates. - RWD Info Pak® ‐ RWD Info Pak® is a suite of applications that facilitates the development of content in multiple formats. It is appropriate to use when you want to create business process procedures, implementation test scripts, transaction work instructions for end‐users, user cue cards and application simulations through a single recording. Additionally, Info Pak supports deployment of the content through RWD generated web sites and context sensitive help. This material may be used as required by a user or during formal classroom events. For more information or to order, contact your local sales representative.
  7. 7. Interface with Third party Management Tools The system monitoring functions in SAP Solution Manager are based on the CCMS Monitoring Infrastructure. This infrastructure has an open standard interface through which monitoring data can be imported or exported. This interface is already in use by various system management software manufacturers. All monitoring data from SAP Solution Manager (except for business process step‐ related data) can be read by system management tools through the CCMS interface. All monitoring data that is collected by third party system management tools and sent to SAP Solution Manager (via CCMS) can be allocated to a system, an interface or a business process (step) that is represented in the graphical user interface of SAP Solution Manager. SOLMAN Service Desk The Service Desk can be used to set up efficient internal support for SAP‐related error messages. End users can create error messages and send them to a central support organization working in the SAP Solution Manager. Here, the support employees can use advanced tools to process the error messages and deliver fast problem resolution, for example: Message processing Create error messages Create internal notes Record calls Communicate per e‐mail, SAP Office or fax for the status update Search for SAP Notes directly in the SAP Service Marketplace Inquiry in an internal Solution Database Send a message to SAP Receive an answer from SAP Implement SAP Notes with the SAP Note Assistant Bi‐directional interface to SAP to forward messages to SAP Support SAP Notes search and automatic implementation of SAP Notes (and dependent Notes) using the SAP Note Assistant (software change management) Interface between Service Desk and a Third Party Call Tracking System Solution database for knowledge management
  8. 8. SOLMAN ROADMAP SOLUTION SUMMARY Technosoft’ SAP consultants work diligently to assist your business with your SOLMAN projects within reasonable time frames and at competitive costs, thereby lowering your company’s total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing the value of your technology infrastructure. Our experienced SAP practice offers proven SOLMAN capabilities, and our depth of knowledge coupled with our strong project management capability continues to deliver value to the marketplace. Technosoft’ ERP Practice consistently delivers industry‐leading SAP, Oracle, JDE and PeopleSoft solutions to a broad range of clients around the globe. With flexible delivery options ranging from staff augmentation to fully outsourced solutions, Technosoft can custom tailor a solution for any need. With over 500 active consultants, and revenues approaching the billion dollar mark, Technosoft is setting the standard for technology consulting organizations around the world. (Contact Technosoft Today to discuss the right SAP solution for your business)