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21 07 14 rdm swansea_whelf_copy

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21 07 14 rdm swansea_whelf_copy

  1. 1. Research Data Management : a report on Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities Roadmap Dr Amy Staniforth, Institutional Repository & Metadata, AU Dr Beth Hall, Academic Support Librarian, BU Dr Michelle Walker, Repository and Research Data Manager, BU Chris Drew, Deputy Head of the Strategic Alliance Office
  2. 2. Strategic Alliance: - Established 2011 - Research and Enterprise Partnership - Research Centres & Research and Enterprise Support Research and Enterprise Support Externally Facing (examples): • Joint responses to consultations, branding of materials under the Services to Business brand & joint approach to project development with third party institutions and businesses Internally Facing (examples): • Joint Strategy for Innovation and Engagement, joint engagement with funders for internal benefit (funder visits etc.), joint facilitation of Research development collaboration across disciplines & institution & • Research Data Management……
  3. 3. Research Data Management - initial drivers: • Initially structured around EPSRC* requirements: Data register & system in place by May 2015 • Harmonised policy: Need for new RDM policy to sit alongside existing policies (FOI, DP etc.) • Efficiency dealing with the Digital Curation Centre: Shared use of DCC time and advice • Potential for cost sharing: Possible training costs shared, storage solution costs reduced • Identifying potential solutions – range of input: Sharing of research into current status of RDM, training needs, funders requirements, metadata schemas, workflows and technical solutions. * Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
  4. 4. RDM & the Strategic Alliance 1: How do we work? • Joint Working Party: senior managers from Research support, Library Services, Policy teams, Information Services and Finance. • Meet 3 times a year (ish) & subgroups on: • Technical Solution, • Metadata and Lifecycle Management, • Training and Information Provision • Compliance and governance • Finance • Policy • Institutions make own decisions and recommendations come from joint efforts of the working groups
  5. 5. RDM & the Strategic Alliance 2: Examples of our work so far: • Shared development of EPSRC Roadmap – for May 2015 • Email questionnaire and Data Asset Framework project – in depth interviews into RDM practices based on training with DCC • Institutional policies on RDM approved by senior management • Sharing of research e.g. into funders requirements and metadata schemas • Exploration of long term storage solutions such as Arkivum & Amazon • Shared training development and planned DCC Train the Trainer event at Gregynog
  6. 6. Proposed RDM Workflow at Aberystwyth…(short term) PURE Current Research Information System (CRIS) • Staff complete a metadata record in PURE describing the data (Datacite schema) • Mint DOI if needed via DataCite API (BL) • Record gets sent through to Cadair like our research article records • Record can be updated within PURE and DOIs or handles added later. Cadair DSpace Repository • PURE metadata records grouped together in Cadair to form a Data Register • Research data is deposited in subject specialist repository or in Cadair to form a Data Store • PURE record is updated with any new links to the above data
  7. 7. Proposed RDM Workflow at Bangor…(short term) Repository: • New EPrints repository, recently installed to replace DSpace, in June this year • New Repository and Research Data Manager in post from June this year • Investigating Recollect plug-in for managing research data metadata in EPrints • Research data is deposited in a subject specialist repository wherever possible, with ability to store in EPrints data sets that can’t be sent elsewhere • Initially as a pilot, the Repository and Research Data Manager will upload metadata and data into EPrints working alongside the researcher CRIS: • Current in-house CRIS does not have a portal • Currently tendering for a new solution – aim to allow researchers to deposit their research data directly into the Repository via a CRIS portal
  8. 8. Further Developments – BU and AU Some Issues: • Still very difficult to know how much data will need depositing & describing • Metadata standards and interoperability capabilities still in development and funders haven’t identified required information • How will we connect our CRIS portals to our repositories? (AU will need to update our PURE-DSpace connector) (BU currently tendering for a new CRIS) • Digital preservation area needs further investigation Possible solutions: • Waiting to see how many projects want/are required to describe and deposit data • AU working with PURE User group & other PURE/DSpace users to develop better fields and connector • Waiting to see specific wider funder requirements before leaping… • Both BU and AU have recently upgraded storage so in the short-term we have some space for in & post-project data • Exploring idea of using Arkivum or Amazon for longer term deep storage
  9. 9. AU & BU Training plans • BU short RDM events in June 2014 suggests staff are interested but would like further targeted sessions (email management, file types for digital preservation) . BU also running a session in September for PG students. Slides available bilingually. • Aim 1: to roll out a basic level of training (Winter 2014?) on data management (best practice: not all on your memory stick, for example) • Aim 2: to develop more bespoke support for disciplines and one-on-one contact for project PIs, following development of internal technical solutions and procedures • Upcoming: DCC ‘Train the Trainer’ September 2014, for librarians, research office staff and institute research support staff [many central services departments involved…]
  10. 10. Hands on/hand-holding: - Research data and access requirements to it are much more varied than research publications so we anticipate a lot of direct support in RDM - This will hopefully enable both better RDM and us to gain a picture of what is out there, and what risks it faces
  11. 11. Thank you Contacts: Dr Amy Staniforth – / Dr Beth Hall - Dr Michelle Walker - Chris Drew -