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Paper sculpture drawings

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Paper sculpture drawings

  1. 1. Paper Sculpture Drawings
  2. 2. Directions, Part I: • On a piece of paper, create a paper sculpture (or an arrangement of paper sculptures). You may need to tape down your sculpture to the main piece of paper. • Ways to create three dimensions: • Cut into the paper • Add to the paper • Build up and out • You may ONLY use white pieces of paper and tape/glue to construct your sculpture.
  3. 3. Directions, Part II: • On Thursday, bring your paper sculpture to class. • Hang it on the wall and direct a lamp towards it to create interesting, dramatic lighting. You should see nice highlights, shadows, reflected light and cast shadows. • Using charcoal, draw your paper sculpture in such a way that you try to capture it realistically…this is called tromp l’oeil . • You may tone your paper or start from white • You may use modeling or cross-hatching to create value.