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Rachel glaxner weight lifting

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Rachel Glaxner is currently looking to pursue a Master’s degree in Human Ecology at Louisiana State University, where she hopes within the next two years, and manage her own gym facility/healthy kitchen. More to that, she hopes to make use of her degree to specialize in outpatient counseling and sports nutrition.

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Rachel glaxner weight lifting

  1. 1. Rachel Glaxner Weight Lifting
  2. 2. Rachel Glaxner Football Fan Rachel Glaxner is a native of Louisiana, where she grew up to appreciate the strong athletics passion of the state. She is a talented track and field competitor, not to mention a football fan. Come weekends, she can be found cheering for her favorite football teams, one of which happens to be the New Orleans Saints.
  3. 3. Rachel Glaxner Personal Fitness Rachel Glaxner likes to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. To this end, she competed in numerous track and field competitions at the collegiate level, for which she received a track scholarship from Nicholls State University.
  4. 4. Rachel Glaxner Professional Associations As a Dietetics and Nutrition student at Nicholls State University, Rachel Glaxner found the opportunity to join professional associations related to her field of study. She is currently a member of NSU’s Student Dietetics Association, as well as a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Through the associations, she gets to interact with like-minded individuals and learn from their experiences in the profession.
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