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Employee and Organizational Development

  1. Strategies for Promoting Employee and Organizational Development in the BPO Sector JEWEL DANIELS RADFORD
  2. Great Companies Develop Talent “Becoming a great company is about Working Smart Thinking Strategically and Engaging your Team Members to become passionate about what they do and how they contribute” - Jewel Daniels Radford
  3.  How do we build a company that will last for generations?  How do we maintain a strong corporate culture now that we have hundreds, or even thousands, of employees?  How do we work productively to ensure that we maintain a strong brand presence in the marketplace?  How do we position ourselves to remain a leader in our industry, thwarting new players who will challenge our very existence? Great Companies Develop Talent
  4. Development Looks Like? Encourage, Support, Remove Obstacles, and Provide the necessary Resources to help Employees Excel “No one wants to work for a boss who doesn't take an interest in their development , who doesn't help them deepen their skills or learn new ones and who doesn't validate their contributions.” - Monique Valcour, Harvard Business Review
  5. ASSESS ENGAGE MEASURE Strategies for Development
  6. Strategies for Development ASSESS  Practice Inquiry vs. Advocacy  Seek Input from your SMEs and Feedback - Ask HVQs  What type of support would best help increase your ASAT scores?  What aspect of Coaching do you find most challenging when working with agents?  Listen for understanding
  7. Strategies for Development ENGAGE  Leverage Feedback to Design Development Strategies  Immerse Employees in Projects, Plans and Processes  Stretches skills  Fosters creativity  Drives collaboration  Nurtures innovation  Exposes potential blind spots
  8. Strategies for Development MEASURE  Currently – Data: KPIs and Benchmarks  Annual Feedback Surveys • What, if anything, did this person learn that was new? •How, if at all, did this person use the new learning in some sort of job-specific behavior? •Did the usage of the learning help to produce any sort of worthwhile outcome?
  9. Strategies for Development MEASURE Design evaluation performance areas and success indicators.1 Create an impact model that defines potential results and benefits.2 Conduct 360° survey of program participants versus non-participants.3 Conduct in-depth Focus Group sessions and interviews.4 Leverage technology- e.g. OfficeVibe, eNPS and others5 CLOSEOUT: Develop conclusions, write action plans and implement needed changes. Ex. eNPS
  10. Professional Development helps to retain your best employees, ensure customer satisfaction, increase product sales, foster satisfied colleagues and reporting staff, fuels effective succession planning, and deeply imbeds organizational knowledge and learning. Promoting Employee and Organizational Development
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