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Final report

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Final report

  2. 2. Report Children:The class (which population is children) is taught by Teacher Nini Johanna Vidal in the English Center of University of Córdoba and it aims to encourage students to speak in order to make them improve their speaking ability and to acquire vocabulary taking into account the topic of the season which is Christmas. Teenager: The English class is taught by the teacher James Carter in the English center of Córdoba University, the aims of the lesson was to help teenagers to acquire abilities like to speak, write, read and listen English language, in other words to help students to develop and improve their learning skills. Children:The lesson observed was on November the 13th, 2013. The major task of the lesson was to familiarize students with Christmas vocabulary acquiring it from the use of materials such as songs where they had to fill in gaps of the lyrics; to do word search; besides to promote students ability to speak the target language applying the vocabulary given. Students’ behavior in the class was good. Anyways, they kept talking to each other most of the time and they were not paying much attention. Mostly when the teacher was explaining the activities to be assigned or the topic they were talking about. That’s why we think the teacher should have had more control over students and also to know how to catch their attention engaging them to listen to what she was saying. On the other hand, some students which paid attention all the time did a very good job while answering the teacher’s questions and commenting on the topic and the whole students were able to do the tasks assigned. Teacher and students verbal interaction was good although the problem that was stated before was occurring. The teacher asked questions and some of the students answered, also they said comments when they were asked to; always in the target language. Anyways, the teacher had rarely the necessity to speak in the mother tongue in order to clarify something specific or the meaning of some words the students did not know. In terms of the environment it was good too. The walls were all full of posters and drawings with phrases that show the use of some grammar focuses which motivate students to learn. They were all sat down in a semicircle and the classroom was clean. From observation we could see that the teacher used all kind of materials and resources to carry out the class with a Christmas environment; such as the text
  3. 3. book, photocopies, word search and songs. So, that is how we see the teacher supports the class on different kind of materials that might be attractive to students of that age. Teenager: the lessons observed were on November 14th, 15thand 18ththe major task during the classes were about modal verbs in different tenses, the teacher used different strategies to explain the subject to students, gave examples from everyday life, the real world, used video and listening related to the topic in order to students understand better the topic. Students´ behavior was not so good, because they are unpunctualwith the schedule, sometimes they did not pay attention to the teacher because they were chatting during the class, next the break the behavior of the students were worsethey were talking about different topics to the class, the teacher began the class and some remained outside the classroom and others were talking, they laughed and few paid attention to the teacher. On the other hand, the end of class, the teacher told us that if you deal with teenagers, do not to go against because only thing that was going to do is make they want not pay attention, however that if the let them to do what they would like, then they ended up doing the activities assigned them without realizing it. Other aspect observed were the motivation of the students, we observed that the teacher does not motivate students to use the language in a communicative way, the teacher explains very well what they do not understand, but students do not practice orally; in instead, students practice in writing. From observation we can say that the teacher does not create a communicative environment in his classroom because he did not motivate their students to do so. Another aspect is that he did not use variety of materials or sources other than the textbook assigned.On the other hand, we observed that the teacher did everything in order to students understand what they want to explain, the teacher uses facial gestures, youth expressions, examples for teens, or related to daily life. We think that the teacher support his class with the clear explanation about the topic.