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Role of Technology in Recruitment

Recruitment, Technology, ATS, HRIS

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Role of Technology in Recruitment

  1. 1. WILL THE JOB OF A RECRUITER BECOME REDUNDANT? Technology is playing a crucial role in changing the way recruiters work. Companies are leveraging the benefits of technology for recruitment. There are job portals, social media, Application tracking systems (ATS), online interviewing platforms, online talent assessments, background verification apps and websites and interviewing platforms making recruiter’s job easy however, going ahead in future, this kind of technology is a threat to the recruiter’s job. Sourcing & Screening: What will recruiter do? Technology will take over the sourcing job completely in due course of time as artificial intelligence will play a vital role. Social media, job portals, referrals software, mobile applications and many ATS are driving sourcing effortlessly. Sophisticated algorithms and software is also doing the matchmaking, mapping the right candidate for the right job. If the recruiter is only involved in the following activities, namely:  Boolean search  Cold calling  Matchmaking or screening  Referral screening Then they should be ready to be called redundant. WHAT IS THE TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE? Sourcing: These are the old and new recruiting websites and social media in the market There are many more like telocity, indeed, hiree, times jobs, career builder etc. Application tracking systems: Career builder, Zoho, Taleo, Ripple hire, Zinghr, Talentracker, Sap success factor, Adrenalin, Talent pool, Talent now etc. Referral: Organization have come up with their own intranet for referral as well as there as software like Growout, myrefer, referme and Zao etc.
  2. 2. Talent assessment, Interviewing, background checking and Onboarding: What will the recruiter do? Recruiters are involved in assessing the candidate’s skill level, candidate’s interest, job fit, background checking then technology is slowing engulfing their jobs. Gamification has changed the way organizations assess the talent or engage the talent now days. Virtual reality simulations are also playing a crucial role in talent assessment and interviewing. Assessment has become fun for candidates and they are enjoying online assessments. WHAT IS THE TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE? Talent Assessment: There are companies and websites who are providing online assessments. Online Interviewing Platforms: Organizations have already started using online interviewing platforms Online Background Checking: There are below websites helping for background check with use of social media, Pan Number and eCourt records. OnBoarding : Technology has enabled on-boarding process. It includes the online software like Kronos, peopleworks, Zinghr, Corner Stone and Ultipro
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGY CANNOT REPLACE HUMANS: SO WHAT’S THERE FOR RECRUITERS IN FUTURE!  SHARPENING SELLING SKILLS : Technology cannot replace selling and influencing candidates.  Reducing offer decline by influencing candidates.  Converting passive candidates to apply for job.  Networking on social media for self branding as recruiter.  Selling company through employer branding by networking and viral employer branding.  Engaging and convincing top talent till the time hiring process ends.  Market research for talent trends and competitor analysis.  Salary negotiations with candidates.  DECISION MAKING (Human Judgment): Though technology can leverage the talent assessment but final decision is required to be taken by humans and that’s the reason human judgment and decision will play a vital role.  ASSESSING AND RECRUITING SPECIALLY ABLE WORKSFORCE: Though to some extent, technology can enable the assessing and recruiting of candidates but technology cannot have that human intervention for candidates who are specially abled.