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Honeycomb User Interface Design @iRajLal

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A User Interface for Mobile device inspired by Honeycomb structure with Hexagonal Grid

Here are the links to the two design patents:

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Honeycomb User Interface Design @iRajLal

  1. 1. Honeycomb DesignFor touch screen mobile devices Rajesh Lal
  2. 2. Agenda Honeycomb Design Basis of the Design Benefits Interaction Target Devices
  3. 3. Honeycomb Design Honeycomb Design – Mesh of Honeycombs – One hexagon for one App
  4. 4. Honeycomb DesignBasis of Design Honeycomb conjecture proofs that Hexagonal tiling provides the least-perimeter way to enclose infinitely many unit areas.
  5. 5. Honeycomb Design Benefits – Optimum space for individual apps – Variety of customization option – Best suited for thumb interaction – Provides consistency in User Interface – Suited for Right handed, Left Handed and Landscape interaction
  6. 6. BenefitsProvides optimum space for individual apps <- Honeycomb design 19 Apps -> IPhone Square design 20 Apps
  7. 7. BenefitsVariety of Customization option
  8. 8. BenefitsBest Suited for Finger interaction particularly thumb interaction
  9. 9. BenefitsConsistency in User Interface Consistent - Central view - Main Apps View (Lower bottom – Left Image) - Custom Setting View (Right Image)
  10. 10. BenefitsRight handed, Left Handed & LandscapeLeft Handed Landscape mode Right Handed
  11. 11. Honeycomb Design Interaction – Settings Screen – Swap individual Apps – Title / Updates – Border & Color – List Tiles
  12. 12. Interaction Customize Settings Screen  6,10,11,12,15,16,17, 33,35,37,38 and 39 active Tap on a hexagon to Change the state - Active - In Active - Ready Ready State Icon can be swaped
  13. 13. Interaction Swap Hexagons Tap on a hexagon to change the state - Active - In Active - Ready Ready State Icon can be swaped with other Ready item (10 and 17 shows two ready items)
  14. 14. Interaction Title / Update  On Touch the top half of the hexagon will show the title  Bottom half will show the updates  If only top half of the hexagon is visible show the Title as shown in the figure (music and video)
  15. 15. Interaction Border & Color  The border width of Hexagons can be customized (Picture shows border gap size of 10 pixels)  Border color can also be customized
  16. 16. Interaction List Tiles  All the Tiles can be listed in horizontal as well as vertical list view
  17. 17. Honeycomb DesignTarget Touch Screen DevicesFlip Pones Mobile Internet device PDA/ Pocket PC Smart Phones
  18. 18. Thank You Rajesh Lal Senior UI/UX Engineer