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Google: Engage Consumers with Data Visualization

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Google: Engage Consumers with Data Visualization to grow sales results and profits.

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Google: Engage Consumers with Data Visualization

  1. 1. Engage consumers with data visualization Data is invaluable for spotting trends, gathering insights and helping your business develop. But it can be difficult to dive into all the numbers and unlock the rewards. Data visualization uses imagery and storytelling to show the information in a more accessible way. This lets you create valuable, shareable content that attracts consumers and encourages them to engage with your brand. 5 tips for creating a data visualization Stay true to the data - don’t adjust things to fit your narrative Let’s take an example Search solutions company Lucidworks partnered with data visualization agency Column Five to create an interactive U.S. map that would help software developers find a job. People could click on the maps to see the number of developers and the salaries in each state, and work out where the best opportunities were. By helping the developer network, Lucidworks built their own brand awareness and attracted new customers. Figure out what you want to communicate with the data you have available. Make sure it’s not too general or all about you Tailor the topic to your target audience - is it interesting and useful to them? Think about the conversations you’re looking to spark with consumers, and how they can affect your brand’s positioning Make sure the design and language are suitable for your audience 1 2 3 4 5 I’ve identified a trend or insight that would work well as a visualization I have enough data to create an interesting visualization There is a specific conversation about my business I’d like to start I have channels where I can promote the visualization I think my audience will engage with and share the final visualization Your data visualization checklist For more bite-sized lessons in digital marketing, download the Primer app by Google I N P A R T N E R S H I P W I T H P R I M E R Remember the goal is to take your data and use it to tell a story that your audience will care about. Help them, and you’ll see the benefits in your own business.