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Socialsmartans influencer marketing agency

  2. We believe CONTENT – STORIES – COMMUNITY And use the right media to scale the impact In Marketing that leverages
  3. Why Influencer Marketing? If we take a look at the data, it's obvious that social media is the single best way to reach a large portion of your consumers. It just so happens that influencer marketing is the magic formula to grab their attention and win their endorsements on a product through sharing of posts, further promotion of a brand or product, or an outright purchase. Influencers can teach consumers about your products, lend search-engine-optimization authority, counteract negative feedback with positive feedback, increase sales and help with user-generated content. .
  4. 74% 81% 3-10x 51% of consumers use socialmedia to make purchase decisions. of brands who have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective. conversion rate increase when brands share content through influencers in their industry. of brands believe theyget better customers from influencer marketing. That's because the relationship began with trustin the influencer. of people trustrecommendations from individuals (even if they don't know them) over brands. 92% Let'stakealook atthe numbers, shallwe? Top Channels
  6. Why Socialsmartans? SOCIALSMARTANS is a brand - focused, strategy- driven and millennial targeted influencer marketing agency, which acts as a liaisons between brands and digital media influencers. At Socialsmartans, we transform companies by creating best-in-class experiences that their customers love. We do this by combining strong strategic and creative thinking with expert data analysis and a deep understanding of current and emerging technologies.
  7. “is extremely personable, always professional, committed, focused and passionate about making each project a successfulone.” OUR APPROACH “is to be the freelance team that everybody turns to when they need marketing, communications, sales, PR or events support, no matter how large or small the projectis.” “Understanding. The most important part of any project is understanding what theclient’s needs are and concentrating on achieving them effectively andefficiently.” . OUR VISION OUR MISSION
  8. Segments we serve Our Influencer marketing solutions are tailored to specific industry. While we have worked with a number of organizations, and some of the industries we specialize in
  9. We Partner with India’s most recognizable brands and agencies to create and execute cross- platform Campaigns backed by creativity and insight –driven strategy. SOME OF OUR CLIENTS Advertising Partners
  10. Our Services Influencer Outreach, Influencer Live on Location Community gathering, Twitter Buzzers Digital Brand Ambassador Campus Ambassador Influencer Marketing 360 Marketing Strategy Blog competition Website Development Email Marketing SEO SEM Lead Generation Media Planning & Buying Offline & Other service Content strategy, Activation/Giveaways , Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads Youtube ads Social Media Marketing Native Advertising Photography TVC Ads shoots Videography Content Marketing
  11. How to Engage the consumers?
  12. Instagram Influencers BENEFITS • Increase Brand Awareness • Reach and captive audience • Influence a more engaged audience • Visually – driven content
  13. Celebrity Endorsement BENEFITS • Increase Brand Credibility • Create mass awareness • Influence a more engaged audience • Visually – driven content • Enhance brand equity • Influence consumers purchase intentions • Freshen and add a new dimension for brand.
  14. Blogger Outreach BENFITS • Reach captive Audience • Everlasting content in the internet • Improve SEO • More suitable to educate consumers
  15. Native Advertising BENEFITS • Reach captive Audience • Everlasting content in the internet • Improve SEO • More suitable to educate consumers • Soft selling promotions or campaign
  16. Youtubers/ Vloggers BENEFITS • Reach captive Audience • Influence more engaged audience • Massive audience in YouTube • Ever lasting content in YouTube • More suitable to educate consumers
  17. Digital Brand Ambassador BENEFITS • Increase Brand Credibility • Create mass awareness • Influence a more engaged audience • Provide positive word of mouth • Enhance brand equity • Create a distinct personality to the endorsed brand • Freshen and adds a new dimension for brand.
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  20. Print & TVC
  21. ThanksLet’s do something great, together SOCIALSMARTANS MEDIA LTD Ranjith Arumugam Marketing Manager Mobile : 9611678963 Web :