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Designing your UX Career

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UX is one of the rapidly developing fields and it is very competitive. These days good UX hiring success ratio is less than 2% which requires very good design artifacts. This presentation showcases best practices and tips on what hiring manager will be looking at and how to design your UX careers to win your dream job.

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Designing your UX Career

  1. 1. designing your UX Career Ranjeet Tayi Segment User Experience Leader - Data Security Group Informatica |
  2. 2. Passion Empathy Design Skills Curiosity Professionalism What I look for Problem Solving Collaboration Communication
  3. 3. Are you in the 2% lot? 50:10:1
  4. 4. Profile Phone Screen Design Challenge Interview Panel Offer UX Designer hiring process > > > >
  5. 5. UX Designer artifacts Application Cover Letter Resume Portfolio Design Challenge
  6. 6. Know your audience UX Designers UX Researchers Developers Product Managers Human Resource
  7. 7. Know your self
  8. 8. Design Dating
  9. 9. Everyone trying to impress
  10. 10. Discovery Role Company Industry / Domain Service / Product Team Location Growth
  11. 11. Application Application Covering Letter Talking to Recruiter Get a referral
  12. 12. Resume Design your resume Simple + Clear Purpose + Objective Project + Contribution + Impact Education + Experience + Duration Online portfolio links
  13. 13. Portfolio Simple + Clear Variety + Pet Projects Project + Contribution + Impact Talk about users & pain points Approach + Process Supporting Artifacts NDA’s + Confidentiality Duration + Team
  14. 14. Design Challenge Understanding the problem Asking right questions Users + Big Picture + Context Design Process + Methodology Design Thinking & Ideation Design + Usability Design Critique + Rationale
  15. 15. Design is all about effective communication Tell an interesting story
  16. 16. Showcase your research, findings, explorations, rationale and results It’s not about looking pretty
  17. 17. Don't just copy things, design based on your user needs & context. Be Authentic, build your own style
  18. 18. Use the power of social media and broadcast design stories Brand yourself
  19. 19. The future of UX is great
  20. 20. Be a UX super Hero
  21. 21. Thanks! Ranjeet Tayi User Experience Strategist & Architect @Ranzeeth