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YouTube videos inside SlideShare



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YouTube videos inside SlideShare

  1. acquires
  2. well, actually… :)
  3. presentations acquire videos
  4. YouTube videos can now be embedded inside SlideShare presentations 4
  5. And it’s as easy as embedding a video in a blogpost Maybe even easier
  6. What can you do with this? Examples follow…
  7. Make your CV talk!
  8. A SlideShare of news videos Mumbai attacked: Terrorists take over Mumbai
  9. Add screencasts to your presentations
  10. Add sound-bites to your press release presentation
  11. The possibilities are endless... meets the world’s largest the world’s largest collection of presentations collection of videos 11
  12. How to Step 1: Upload to SlideShare as usual Step 2: Click “Edit” and select “Insert YouTube videos” Step 3: Paste the YouTube URL into the box
  13. Step 4: Select where you want the video to appear in your presentation. Step 5: Hit “Insert and Publish” and you’re done!
  14. So now... 14
  15. ...All YouTube videos are belong to us!
  16. Text Read More... 16