USA Benefits Group Presentation

  3. Preferred & Standard Risks Sub - Standard Risks
  4. Senior Products Critical Illness Plans Supplemental Accident Rapid Decision Term Life Short Term Medical Dental Standard Life Insurance
  5. *We do not expect a check in order for you to start working with us. These amounts show suggested marketing investments necessary in order to be successful. Multiple Streams of Income Dual Marketing Strategy
  6. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Advance Commissions $90,096 $95,502 $101,232 Earned Commissions $3,604 $3,820 $4,049 Renewal Commissions $0 $5,730 $6,074 Association Commissions $4,050 $4,172 $4,297 Other Products $2,500 $2,750 $3,000 Marketing Credits $2,703 $2,865 $3,037 Total $102,953 $114,839 $121,689
  8. Break down your geographic barriers by selling online using the exceptional tools we have for our agents. With full electronic submission, you can help your clients enroll from anywhere on earth!
  9. Gas Office Space No Shows Car Maintenance Dry Cleaning Total Monthly Cost $800 - $1,200 Selling Online Total Monthly Cost $99.95
  10. Web Conference Tool USABG Subsite Your online store front Template Tool Online letter shop for personalized e-mails Business Responder Tool Send out e-mails automatically up to 10 years Short Cut Tool Shortcut URL for your subsite or web conferencing Contact Management Tool Agent Database POWER DIALER Connects you to your leads instantly! Be the first agent to contact every lead! NEW

Notas del editor

  1. >Introduce self and the other agent helping >Place call on a listen only by hitting *5 (only the host of the call can do this) >Welcome everyone to the call and thank them for their time >Presentation should only take 25-30 min and then 5 min in the back office
  2. >On the last bullet, talk about whatever contest are going on at that point in time
  3. >USABG is the #1 sales team with AHCP and Team Corp >AHCP is the #1 sales team with United Health One
  4. >Be sure to say “There is no such thing as a free lunch, so there is no such thing as free leads” >Let the prospective agents know what some of the problems are with companies giving their agents free leads
  5. > Be sure to remind the prospective agents that the tools are free for the first 60 days