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2012 aug 21 issue 59

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weekly newsletter - bungarribee,

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2012 aug 21 issue 59

  1. 1. Bungarribee The land that “Bungarribee House” was built on in Afganistan 1825, was the first land grant given in Blacktown. CHARTERED - 16th NOVEMBER 1961 21/08/12 INCORPORATED - 25th JUNE 1991 Volume 2 Issue 59 Bungarribee means, “the resting place of the king”. Bungaroo. This Week meet August isThe house was built entirely District Governor Keith Roffey of imported bricks andstone and with local timber. & Margaret No nails were used in itsconstruction; all joints were held precisely by wooden Keith has been a mem- pegs, showing the true ber of the Rotary Club oftradesmanship of the times. Membership month! Padstow, NSW, since 2000, serving as club Members please Special points of International Director, remember: International/ The Rotary interest: “Apologies” are required by 2011—2012 Foundation Director, Ad- mid-day MONDAY ministration Director, Club President: here.  Briefly highlight your point of interest Text or (if unable to text) President and PR Direc-  Daniel Kellieinterest here. Briefly highlight your point of tor. Beyond club service, Phone RITA HANNA at District level he has served as Recognition of Youth  Briefly highlight your point of interest here. Awards (ROYA) Treasurer, ROYA Chair and ROYA Sec- 0411262989 District Governor: here.  Briefly highlight your point of interest retary, Assistant Governor Zone 6 and District Simpli- Keith Roffey fied Grant Chair. Currently Keith is a facilitator with THE FOUR-WAY TEST the Rotary Leadership Institute in District 9690 and is Chair of the District Membership/PR Committee. Of the things we think, R.I. President: Courtesy RDU Magazine, July 2012. say or do. Sakuji Tanaka 1. Is it the Truth? Club issue: Inside this Meetings: Last week’s meeting: 2. Is it Fair to all concerned? Tuesday: 6.00 for 6.30pm 3. Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships? Workers Club Blacktown Inside Story 2 President Daniel Kellie welcomed members 4. Will it be Beneficial to all Contact details: and guests Dennis concerned? Web address Inside Story 2 Moore, Jeanette John- son, Heather Stalker, ROTARY GRACE Club4269 Atsuki our exchange O Lord and giver of all good Inside South 2 Sydney, New Story Wales, student and two Rotari- ans from India. We thank thee for our daily food Australia. District 9690. May Rotary Friends and Rotary Inside Story 3 Grace and Loyal toast waysPostal Address: P.O. BOX 12, were led by Renata and Lalli gave the Toast to R I. Help us to serve Thee BLACKTOWN. NSW 2148. Inside Story 4 all our days. Daniel reported- On Sat he attended a Lyric mtg – Com4unity, kids bounced ideas around and had inter- Membership Chair: esting ideas. This Sunday will hold a BBQ at RCA. Inside Story Zena Shedden 5 With intentions to start a Rotaract club a month after. Email: Half yearly Fees are due can be deposited into bank Inside Story or send cheques. Or 0413182676 For the DG visiting next week, bring partners it Or should be an interesting night. email Club Secretary Rita – “community service announcement” – Lalli emails circulating about his luggage stolen– please email Bulletin editor at: ignore it’s a scam email.
  2. 2. Club Officers - 2012 to 2013 Executive: What’s on at the President: Daniel Kellie meeting…. President Elect: Pennie Holley This Club Service: Rita Hanna DG Visit week— Club Secretary: Raymond Danam Keith Roffey partners & Margaret Treasurer: Mel Gray night Lets Celebrate! Break Trues Disabil- Directors: Members Birthdays in Aug 28 ity Employment Community Service: Rob Smith August! Service – Foundation Chair: Zena Shedden Sept 4 BENSLEY, Robert Aug-05 Tanzania Tour International Service: Spiro Constantinou CLARK, Clarrie Aug-09 July 2012 POWELL, Ted Aug-13 New Generations: Renata Natoli HOLLEY, Pennie Aug-26 STANWELL, Ray Aug-27 African Student In- Vocational Service: Gail Johnson WINTER, Len Aug-28 tegrations in Sept 11 ORR, Tony Aug-31 schools. WesternContinued from page 1……………….. Sydney Refugee Student SupportDaniel also informed members: that Sept 8 trivia night at Members who joined Duty Roster for Officer.St Marys Rugby League club @ $12pp tables of ten. See in August 21/08/12Pam to book a table. STALKER, Manie 7/08/2001Also there is a concert on Sept 9 for Philippines fund- Meet & greet Scotty McInally STANWELL, Ray 18/08/1998raising for floods contact Atoy or Tess. JOHNSON, Gail 24/08/2004Powerhouse museum wishes to collect tin cans – they Dinner Fees Marivic Manalowill be recycled to make a wind chime workshop, see Bob Partner’s Birthdays!Gardiner. (Not soft drink or small tuna tins). DICKENS, Lorina 14-Aug Grace & LoyalNeed applications for GSE team – applications before 9th Gary Raymond ToastSeptember please. BAMFORD, Lyn 31-Aug Anniversaries!As Scotty was absent we International Bob Gardinerhad a friend of Rotary stand STALKER, Manie & Nicole Toastin for him. Mr B Loon 8-AugLen Winter – reported on SETHURAM, Lalli & Jyo Program Host Daniel KellieEllen Rieter from Japan. On 12-Augsummer holidays she isstaying at Atsukis’s home and school. Going to Tokyo Note Taker Pennie Holleywith host parents to Disneyland and to Hiroshima withRotary. Duty Roster for 28/08/12Zena Mega mart – packed items for sallies, will organisea date for next market. Members note that the SeniorsXmas party is 28 and 29 November, many hands are Meet & greet Scotty McInallyneeded particularly on 29th. A driver is required.Raymond Danam received information from 9690 district Dinner Fees Ray Stanwell– to inform that the district annual general meeting is on14/12/2012. Will be open for discussions please emailany items you wish discussed to Raymond before 31 Grace & Loyal Mel GrayAugust. Board members meeting on 20 August. Toast Witch Doctor Indeed??? Gary Ray- International Daniel congratulated Rita for her Bob Bensley mond Toast city to surf 2hrs 2mins run with shows his no training except running from patriotism! elephants. Even his Program Host Rita Hanna Chicken Sergeant Gary ran a speedy dinner is fines sessions. Aussie- Note Taker Zena Shedden shaped!
  3. 3. Page 3 Continued from page 2 …………………………... Last Weeks Program—Dennis Moore—Our visitors from India ex- How to have fun at workchanged banners with Pres-ident Daniel. Lalli Sethuram introducedDavid informed us that we our guest speaker Denniswill be Christmas gift wrap- Moore. Dennis has pre-ping Monday 3 December sented to our club a fewto 24 December inclusive years ago and regularly11am to 3pm and Thursday speaks at Rotary meet-nights. ings.Com4unity are running an employment workshop - retail- Dennis was brought up iners from Westpoint will advise young people on how to a travelling circus family. He learned a lot about thepresent resumes. Mentors are required if you can help value of laughter.see David. Dennis entertained us withRob Smith – reported that Relay 4 Life - walkers required jokes and magic, also stories of circus days gone by.see Bob Smith. Spring Horse show 16 September, 7amstart at showground, many hands needed. Dennis is in the motivation business and is called upon to improve workplace morale.Also Com4unity BBQ on 14 Sept at Sports Club on Reser-voir Rd @ 5-7pm. Help is required. Lalli thanked Dennis for his entertaining presenta-Rob received an request from Nirimba TAFE for BBQ for tion and presented himtheir open day 30 August 10.30am to 7pm. To be dis- with the clubs certificatecussed at board meeting & more details required. of appreciation.Manie caught up with past member - Neville –he sends Dennis ended his presen-his best wishes and advised his mum passed on. tation with the following quote…...John Smith - his daughter Jessica thanked members for the support for her city to surf she ran in one hour 45mins and raised $795. It’s a joke:- John also presented to the “Oh God," sighed the wife club; a Rotary International flag that Prospect club had one morning, "Im con- in safe keeping. vinced my mind is almost completely gone!" Her husband looked up Coming events from the newspaper and commented, "Im not surprised: Youve been giving me a piece of it every day for thirty years!" SEPTEMBER—Spring horse Show 16 Sept—All help is needed. 7 am start, all help is needed—See Rob. “LOL”SEPTEMBER- Com4unity BBQ on 14 Sept at Sports Club on Reservoir Rd @ 5-7pm. Help is required. The Bungarribee is a team effort. OCTOBER—Relay for Life—27 & 28 Oct, This years This weeks team is: Photos: Tony Orr,TShirts are $20 see Bob Smith for your team and times. meeting notes: Pennie Holley, thank you to all, OCTOBER—Pet Expo - 21 Oct more details to come. Editor: Pennie Holley. NOVEMBER—Seniors Christmas lunch party —28 & 29 Nov — all help appreciated, especially 29th. See Rob. Advance Australia FairDECEMBER—Christmas gift wrapping 3 to 24 Dec— more Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free, details to come. We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil, our home is girt by sea. DECEMBER - Workers Club Children’s Christmas Party- 2 Dec. More details to come. Our land abounds in nature’s gifts, of beauty rich and rare, 2013 In history’s page let every stage, Advance Australia Fair. MARCH—2 & 3 March 2013: Blacktown Show—again more In joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair. details to come.