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Unreal conditionals

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Second, third conditionals, mixed

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Unreal conditionals

  2. 2. SECOND CONDITIONAL  For something hypothetical, unlikely in the present or future IF+simple past or past continuous (1st part) +would/could/might+infinitive (2nd part) Ex.: If you studied, you’d/could/might pass If you weren’t talking in class all the time, you could understand the conditionals much better.  Were is often used with all persons (especially when giving advice) Ex.: If I were you, I’d go to class every day. If I were rich, I’d buy a house with 15 bathrooms.
  3. 3. THIRD CONDITIONAL  For something hypothetical about the past (totally impossible to change now) IF+past perfect (simple or continuous) +would have/could have/might have+past participle Ex.: If he had studied, he’d have/could have/might have passed. If he hadn’t been playing video games all the time, he’d have/could have/might have passed.
  4. 4. MIXED CONDITIONALS  Second conditional (1st part) with third conditional (second part) Ex.: If he really loved you, he’d have asked you to marry him by now. Present condition (he doesn’t love you now), result connected to the past  Third conditional (1st part) with second conditional (second part) Ex.: If he hadn’t passed the exam, he wouldn’t be in this class now Condition in the past but present result