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Fear Driven Development

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Have you ever not made a much-needed change because you were afraid of breaking something? Caution is wise, but too much fear can leave even the most agile of software organizations with a crippling aversion to change. This talk will discuss what makes us scared, why it hurts us, and my experiences helping a team I managed get rid of some of our fears.

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Fear Driven Development

  1. 👻👻👻 Fear Driven Development 😨😨😨 Ryan  Kennedy  -­‐  @rckenned ✨💖🌈 🌈💖✨
  2. Slides are online h/p:// fear-­‐driven-­‐development-­‐49842984
  3. This is an emoji-heavy presentation [👌I  hope  that’s  okay  with  everyone👌]
  4. I’m Ryan Kennedy Backend  Engineer  at  🔮  Magic  Vibes  🔮
  5. Ada Initiative Advisor
  6. In my past life… 📬  Yahoo!  Mail  Web  Service  Engineer   🎥  NePlix  Search  and  API  Engineer   💼  Yammer  Infrastructure  Engineer/Director
  7. What is fear? A  feeling  of  anxiety  concerning  the   outcome  of  something  or  the  safety  and   well-­‐being  of  someone
  8. What causes fear? [❓]
  9. Specific fears develop as a result of learning [😭trauma😭]
  10. Certain fears are more common than others [🍩  preparedness  🎂]
  11. Two individuals have a tendency to emotionally converge [☣emoVonal  contagion😷]
  12. Fear  fosters  flight:  A  mechanism  for  fear  contagion   when  perceiving  emoVon  expressed  by  a  whole  body   –Gelder  et  al. “observing  fearful  body  expressions   produces  increased  acVvity  in  brain   areas  narrowly  associated  with   emoVonal  processes  and  that  this   emoVon-­‐related  acVvity  occurs   together  with  acVvaVon  of  areas   linked  with  representaVon  of  acVon   and  movement”  
  13. tl;dr fear is contagious [☣]
  14. Negative emotions are usually more infectious than positive ones [🐵vesVgial  insVnct🐵]
  15. Negative emotions elicit a stronger reaction [🚫negaVvity  bias🚫]
  16. This is terrifying for a large engineering organization [😷💉the  heebie  jeebie  flu💉😷]
  17. Fear is additive 🐍=😨 ✈=😱 🐍➕✈=🚨🆘🚫
  18. Fear compounds [📈                              📈]
  19. What are humans afraid of? [💀death…💸taxes…🎲unpredictability]   and…
  21. I'm afraid of databases [💻  yet  I  was  paid  to  build  one  💵]
  22. What do developers fear? [💻😱]
  23. Refactoring [🚧🔧🔨💣]
  24. Performance [⏰🚅✈🚤]
  25. Scale [🐳]
  26. Upgrades [🆕]
  27. Deploying [📦🚢]
  28. The Unknown [❓]
  29. What's the downside of fear in software development?
  30. Fear induced loss of agility [🏃🔜🚶]
  31. Fear creates local maximums 😱 💖 👻
  32. Compounding fears make matters worse 😱 💖 👻
  33. Fear erects barricades around the code and systems that need the most attention
  34. Ways of dealing with these fears
  35. Exposure therapy exposure  to  the  feared  object  or   context,  without  any  danger,  in  order   to  overcome  anxiety
  36. Reproducible, extensive testing as a safety harness [💡🔆]
  37. Development and staging as safe zones [⚾⛳]
  38. Build confidence on non-critical systems [🎠]
  39. Double dispatch when replacing existing functionality [✌]
  40. Hack Day! [🔎]
  41. Sharing my fears Someone  else  has  probably  seen  or   done  this  or  something  like  it  before
  42. Decatastrophizing "If  the  feared  event  or  object   happened,  what  would  occur  then?"
  43. Organizational selective amnesia [let  the  new  person  do  it  🔴👕]
  44. Where are the managers, architects, leads, etc. at? [👉this  talk  is  actually  for/about  you👈]
  45. Are you a source of fear? [👤👈]
  46. Make time to test [⏳]
  47. Make time for research [⏳]
  48. Make time for maintenance [⏳]
  49. None of this should impact anyone’s personal life []
  50. Thank you ~~~  🙇🙏💕~~~   💯