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Real Estate Lead Generation Craigslist

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Agents Make When Posting Online Advertisements!

The BEST Time of Day to Post Your Advertisement to Generate MORE Leads!

Little sneaky marketing tricks you can use to totally revolutionize your real estate marketing.

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Real Estate Lead Generation Craigslist

  1. 1. Online Workshop: Craigslist Lead Generation Secrets With: Josh Schoenly
  2. 2. Housekeeping Items: Workshop Notes Pen & Paper
  3. 3. So who are we? We are actual Real Estate Agents in South Central PA and are also partners in Schoenly Publishing & ReTechulous, LLC We practice what we preach!
  4. 4. What we’ll cover: • The 3 Biggest Mistakes Agents Make When Posting Online Advertisements! • The BEST Time of Day to Post Your Advertisement to Generate MORE Leads! • Little sneaky marketing tricks you can use... Plus I’ll give you access to a special bonus report toward the end of the call
  5. 5. What I am about to go through will outline exactly how I have generated 4258 Leads just for myself and my small team in the last 12 mos. Alone!
  6. 7. My Background: Former PE Teacher Turned Real Estate Investor Turned Full Time RE Professional and licensed agent
  7. 8. About 3 to 3 ½ years ago found this site called Craigslist.
  8. 9. Once I became “full time investor” I realized very quickly that I needed more income…
  9. 10. I started “wholesaling” to supplement my income.
  10. 11. About the same time I became a real student of marketing, previously focusing on all things RE.
  11. 12. Played around with a little direct mail to sellers (when I had the money)
  12. 13. Started using Craigslist for buyers 1. To sell specific properties 2. Building a list of buyer Plus sellers (a little)
  13. 14. Quickly became primary source of selling wholesale deals…
  14. 15. Also had been and continues to be primary source of tenants and selling retail props
  15. 16. At this point I picked up my RE License.
  16. 17. Prior to getting my license, easily generated over 100K net revenue from buyers and some sellers on Craigslist
  17. 18. But… Even though it’s free it does take time and time is our most valuable asset.
  18. 19. Tried posting software…
  19. 20. 2 Important terms: 1. Flagging 2. Ghosting
  20. 21. Take Note: posting to all different cities at one of the WORST times possible
  21. 22. Sat down – had several aha moments…
  22. 23. My numbers to this point in time: - 2 years worth of effort & time -2200 buyers
  23. 24. What happened since the ahas: - much less time - better quality more relevant leads - over 4200 leads (4258 to be exact) - now follow a system = just minutes each day
  24. 25. 3 Biggest Mistakes: 1. Same Old Same Old Ad 2. Time of Posting 3. No real CTA
  25. 26. Sneaky Tricks: 1. Image posting, plus a bonus secret 2. Keyword tools – headlines etc.
  26. 27. Image Posting:
  27. 28. Keyword Tool:
  28. 29. Had to be sure this would work for others. 1 week test in different Clist market
  29. 30. Wrap up and summary: Flagging & Ghosting 3 biggest mistakes and what to do differently 3 sneaky tricks
  30. 31. 2.0
  31. 32. Comprehensive System: Buyer Leads By Tonight Video Tutorial   You'll get to watch over my shoulder as I show you how to:
  32. 33. Create your account in Craigslist and the best way to post & why   The very best sections to post your ads   When and why to post - hint this one item could mean the difference between generating 10's or leads per month to generating 100's of lead per month   How to determine what type of campaign you are going to run to generate your leads.   The steps you need to create a campaign once you decided which campaign to use   Capture your leads - all the ads in the world won't do any good if you don't capture leads.   How to set up and use landing pages to dramatically increase your lead capture   Avoid getting flagged and/or ghosted - don't worry I'll explain in full detail   What image posting is and why it is so important   Here's the best part, you can simply hand this over to your assistant or even one of your kids and they can start to implement the system for you!   **Plus you'll get a copy of the video transcribed in manual format, including detailed screen shots & more.
  33. 34. Workbook   You are going to want to make copies of this and use it as your Craigslist Lead Generation brainstorming and campaign creating bible...   I show you exactly how I set up my campaigns and the steps that I follow to actually create them so once it's time to implement it's a piece of cake!     Buyer Leads By Tonight Fast Start Guide   Already have some experience with Craigslist?   Well, with this guide you can follow the steps and within hours or even minutes be generating leads for your business.  This manual gives you the instructions for implementing this system in easy to follow step by step directions.  Whether you have experience or not with Craigslist, you'll be up an running in no time with this guide.
  34. 35. Buyer Leads By Tonight Special Audio Training   Little hinges swing big doors   A little while back a mentor and coach of mine who administers a very high level and expensive mentor programs for real estate agents asked me to host his monthly mastermind call and talk about online lead generation for agents.  On this call I shared what I call the "little hinges that swing big doors" when it comes to getting results from online free and lost cost advertising.  While Craigslist was the main focus of the call I also shared some great strategies you can use on other free and low cost online advertising media.   **Plus you'll get a copy of the audio transcribed in manual format.  The 18 page manual is a great reference guide for you to keep handy
  35. 36. Ultimate Bonus #1   My Craigslist Ad Swipe File   You are going to get editable version of ads that I use on Craigslist each and every day.  All you need to do is make some simple changes and you can start using them for your business immediately!  This alone is worth the price of this system.  (Value $97)     Ultimate Bonus # 2   Q & A Audio Download   How would like to have access to a live Q & A call where I answered the most frequently asked questions of other users of my system?  Ask and you shall receive!   Once you order my system you'll then be sent a downloadable audio you listen to on your computer or even put on your ipod or other MP3 player.  This information is extremely valuable and it will help to ensure there is nothing holding you back from achieving the results you desire with this system. (Value $47)
  36. 37. Ultimate Bonus #3   My Landing Page Swipe File   Once you have my system, you'll have access to use my exact landing pages I use to convert traffic into leads.  These lead capture sites have been used and tested for over 2 years and perform like crazy!  (Value $97)     Ultimate Bonus  #4   My Email Swipe File   Does this sound like something that would be of interest to you:  Send an email, sell a house.  Well with my email marketing swipe file you will have access to some of the same emails I have used to make sale after sale by just clicking send.  (Value $47)
  37. 38. What’s it cost? For a VERY limited time we are offering this system for $97!! Even if it you ONLY generate one more commission in the next 12 months your ROI would be anywhere from 10 to 40 or 50 to 1!!!
  38. 39. Fast Action Bonus: For the first 7 people who order today you’ll get a free 30 minute 1 on 1 consultation with me where I’ll help you maximize and optimize your results with this system. I wish I could offer it to everyone but because I am actually selling real estate and have a lot going on I simply can’t accommodate everyone so this is just for the first 7 real action takers
  39. 40. Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee: This system comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. If you don’t think it’s worth every penny just call email or fax and we’ll return you money. Plus you’ll get to keep all the bonuses just for giving it a try!
  40. 41. FAQ’s 1. So what else is this going to cost me???
  41. 42. FAQ’s 2. What’s the best kind of lead to generate with this system???