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Will ford’s dream of beating the nissan juke come true,

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Will #Ford’s Dream of Beating the #Nissan #Juke Come True?

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Will ford’s dream of beating the nissan juke come true,

  1. 1. WILL FORD’S DREAM OF BEATING THE NISSAN JUKE COME TRUE? The Ford Eco Sport 2015 compact SUV model is a complete up-gradation as Ford has replaced diesel engine with the new Eco Boost petrol engine
  2. 2. THE FORD ECOSPORT 2015 COMPACT SUV Ford made paradigm shift by re-developing its all new EcoSport 2015. The upgradations have been made in regard with its interior and exterior design and engine specification.
  3. 3. ECOBOOST PETROL ENGINE  Ford has replaced underpowered diesel engine with the EcoBoost petrol engine.  EcoSport 2015 has 1.0-litre three cylinder turbo petrol engine.
  4. 4. STYLISH AND STUNNING COMPACT-SUV The new EcoSport 2015 is stylish, sticking and a stunning compact SUV. It is more comfortable and provides wonderful driving experience with its efficient and powerful engine.
  5. 5. SUPERMINI-SUV  It can also be classified as a supermini- SUV. It enables perfect ride around the town because it is easy to manoeuvre,  the EcoSport 2015 is a good choice for occasional long journey because of its comfortable leather seats and soft suspension on the road bumps.
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