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UX is UI

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Slides from a talk I gave at the SODA Social event, about how UX design is often conflated with UI design, and how it should all fit together with Agile Product Management.

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UX is UI

  1. UX is UI A self-indulgent rant-in-progress by Mike Atherton SODA Social @mikeatherton
  2. Mobile-first, Responsive, Lean, Zero-Wireframes... These truths we hold to be self-evident. @mikeatherton
  3. More of this at @mikeatherton
  4. @mikeatherton
  5. UX is not UI What does it mean? Why are we so cross about it? @mikeatherton
  6. Is User Experience a process or an outcome? @mikeatherton
  7. But what is User Interface? @mikeatherton
  8. Human-Computer Interaction @mikeatherton
  9. What is a UX/UI Designer? @mikeatherton
  10. UX/UI Designer (Yorkshire), Salary £25K 1 . — Experience sketching, wireframing and prototyping — Confident in Photoshop to create concepts/assets — Creating visual look and feel of high fidelity designs — HTML & CSS and responsive methodology — Working closely with development to implement UI Any frontend coding experience and or .Net knowledge would be a bonus, but not essential. 1 Pulled from LinkedIn, 13 May 2015 @mikeatherton
  11. What is UX really? @mikeatherton
  12. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.” — Abraham Lincoln @mikeatherton
  13. “You are responsible for the work you put into the world.” — Mike Monteiro @mikeatherton
  14. UI is the interface between the customer and the business. So whaddaya know? UX is UI! @mikeatherton
  15. Forms, taxonomy, design decisions @mikeatherton
  16. “Brand is the idea that you stand for, made real by what you do.” — Wally Olins @mikeatherton
  17. Designing a truly meaningful experience must include designing the proposition itself. @mikeatherton
  18. @mikeatherton
  19. “This will be the number one lesson I will never forget and the absolute key to understanding Dinnr’s failure — we were not solving anyone’s problem.” — Michal Bohanes, founder of Dinnr @mikeatherton
  20. The Shit-flavoured Lollipop Problem @mikeatherton
  21. “Value must be greater than pain.” — Scott Jenson @mikeatherton
  22. Has Product Management assumed the role of defining proposition? @mikeatherton
  23. What a Product Manager Does (diagram by Martin Eriksson) @mikeatherton
  24. What is Full-Stack Design? (diagram by Will Shandling) @mikeatherton
  25. Elements of User Experience, Jesse James Garrett (2000) @mikeatherton
  26. Your salary tells you how much your role is valued within the business. @mikeatherton
  27. ”How can I convince the business of the value of UX?” — The evergreen conference question @mikeatherton
  28. ”How can I make UX valuable to the business? — Stand up and be counted @mikeatherton
  29. ”Design is the rendering of intent.” — Jared Spool @mikeatherton
  30. UX is business transformation Our one true deliverable is behavioural change. @mikeatherton
  31. UX is not a job, but a common goal. Everyone must play a part. @mikeatherton
  32. Nobody puts UX in the corner. @mikeatherton
  33. Thanks for listening. Let’s talk on Twitter: @mikeatherton @mikeatherton