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Results of interview

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Results of interview

  1. 1. Strengths: Contrast of red background and black and white image- subject stands out image takes up most of the room, leaving less empty spaceWeaknesses: Too much texts with too many different fonts - loses focus on main story
  2. 2.  Reduce the amount of coverlines Keep the in a fixed area instead of all over the place And the image could then be enlarged
  3. 3. Strengths Clean and neat Focus on the boys Put on set places - more special Description A few pictures with a few textsWeaknesses A little bit too wordy Too much description
  4. 4.  Less articles Slightly shorter description
  5. 5. Strengths Keeping the black and white theme Matches studio lighting - professional Images are cut, framed and positioned - not just square pictures as usual Attractive use of colourWeaknesses Two pages look too different - unlinked
  6. 6.  Could be a large photograph going across both page- Show connection- Look less isolated and different from each other which are about the same context