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Be successful with social media - 8 tips to get you started

Yaletown Business Improvement Association Members' Networking Session | Be successful on social media - 8 tips to get you started.

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Author: Renee Janzen, Social Media and Digital Marketer
Resources for "Social Media Today" listed on slide 13.

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Be successful with social media - 8 tips to get you started

  1. 1. YBIA Members’ Networking Session @renee_janzen @iyaletown #ybiagetsocial
  2. 2. Social media today*  72% of internet users are active on social media  Top social media platforms have over 1 Billion users  Social is THE top internet activity > than email  Social trends in 2015 for consideration:  Social as an increasing website traffic referral source  Social e-commerce  Social and mobile use become deeper integrated  Video will continue to dominate the social digital landscape #ybiagetsocial @renee_janzen *Sources listed on slide 13.
  3. 3. Identify your objectives... And success metrics. Success Tip #1 #ybiagetsocial @renee_janzen
  4. 4. Focus on 1-2 social networks. At least to start. Success Tip #2 #ybiagetsocial @renee_janzen
  5. 5. Define your brand personality to create a consistent consumer experience. Success Tip #3 #ybiagetsocial @renee_janzen
  6. 6. Find your content sweet spot. Leave behind conversations not representative of your brand. Success Tip #4 #ybiagetsocial @renee_janzen CONTENT SWEET SPOT Brand Expertise Consumer Interests
  7. 7. Mix it up. Share a variety of content that is relevant, engaging and timely. Success Tip #5 #ybiagetsocial @renee_janzen
  8. 8. Amplify content with paid media and influencers. Success Tip #6 #ybiagetsocial @renee_janzen
  9. 9. Monitor, measure and adapt. Success Tip #7 #ybiagetsocial @renee_janzen Measure Outcomes Against Objective Success Metrics and Gain Insights Influence Engagement Exposure Action Adapt Tactics Based on Outcomes and Insights Plan, Execute and Monitor
  10. 10. Be social. Create opportunities to engage in 2-way dialogue with consumers. Success Tip #8 #ybiagetsocial @renee_janzen
  11. 11. Be successful with social media 1. Identify your objectives. 2. Focus on 1-2 social networks to start. 3. Define your brand personality. 4. Find your content sweet spot. 5. Mix it up. Share a variety of content types. 6. Amplify content with paid media or influencers. 7. Monitor, measure, and adapt. 8. Be social. #ybiagetsocial @renee_janzen
  12. 12. Connect with me: Email: LinkedIn: Renée Gerschman Janzen Twitter: renee_janzen
  13. 13. Resources:  Jeff Bullas, 22 Social Media Facts and Statistics You Should Know in 2014,  Emersys, 130 Stats about the 7 Social Media Trends Dominating 2015,  Emily Adler, Social Media Engagement: The Surprising Facts About How Much Time People Spend on the Major Social Networks, Business Insider,  Gillian Shaw, Vancouver startup offers new publishing tools for ‘content is king’ era, quiet-ly-offers-new-publishing-tools-for-a-content-is-king-era/