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Help - I'm a content marketer! 15 tips presentation ontheedge Birmingham Sept 2013

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Creating good marketing content that endures is a significant challenge for most modern marketers. In a practical presentation with scores of examples, René outlines how you can put your expertise and experience at the centre of your marketing effort with 15 tips you can implement the very next day after the conference. An interactive session, not to be missed.

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Help - I'm a content marketer! 15 tips presentation ontheedge Birmingham Sept 2013

  1. 1. Help I’m a content marketer @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13@ 15 easy to implement content tips you can start using tomorrow with René Power Digital & Business Development Director, BDB Help – I’m a content marketer!
  2. 2. The challenge of contentThe challenge of content The challenge of content
  3. 3. Running before you can walk? Not cool. @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  4. 4. Being seduced by the dark side of technology? @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  5. 5. Not seeing results? @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  6. 6. You’re not alone Whilst 56% saw content marketing have an impact on sales: 15% said they saw 'little or no increase’ 29% simply did not know the impact of content marketing Half of marketers (46%) find demonstrating content ROI a key challenge. 2013 Content Marketing Benchmarking Repo You’re not alone @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  7. 7. Your world changed @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  8. 8. ‘Old’ marketing doesn’t work any more @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  9. 9. There’s too much noise @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  10. 10. And too much competition…and too much competition @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  11. 11. Tomorrow: Rethink how you push material out to customers and consider it from their perspective @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  12. 12. Getting started Getting started
  13. 13. Assign responsibilityAssign responsibility Tomorrow: Can you identify a managing editor and a few contributors? @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  14. 14. Visit watering holesVisit watering holes Tomorrow: Check out one media site, Linkedin group, portal or trade association to identify opportunities @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  15. 15. Map content to buyers Map content to buyers – Establish your value add Tomorrow: Establish what the absolute benefit you provide? Access your media everywhere @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  16. 16. Audit what you haveAudit what you have Tomorrow: Ask everyone in the organisation for one highlight from the last twelve months @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  17. 17. Content audit template Tomorrow: Match what customers are looking for in groups to what you offer @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  18. 18. Curation and creation Curation and creation
  19. 19. Curate Curator [Cu-ra-tor] Noun: A keeper or custodian of a museum or other collection Curate Tomorrow: Use ONE of the following cool ‘curation’ tools…. @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  20. 20. Source content with Feedly @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  21. 21. Twitter / Twittersearch @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  22. 22. Maximise internal ideas with Yammer @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  23. 23. Create new content Create new content Tomorrow: Repackage existing content > release to blog to newsletter to case study to whitepaper @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  24. 24. PR is the bedrock of content marketing @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13 Most used >> Most effective Press releases Case study Blog posts Whitepaper Case studies Video PR: the bedrock of content marketing
  25. 25. Evernote case study marketing Tomorrow: Check out the case study @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13 Using case studies
  26. 26. Ten things you could blog tomorrow Repurpose a press release, upload a presentation, manual and more Comment on a news story affecting your industry Comment on latest research / data Write a round up once a week of your industry Provide an industry resource list Report on an event – this event? Write up a customer case study Offer a guest post (and reciprocate) Solve an industry problem Take a provocative stance on something that needs to change Tomorrow: Put a blog post (or news story) on your website and tell people about it! @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13 Ten things you could blog tomorrow
  27. 27. Intercom cool blogging
  28. 28. Eshots and enewsletters @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13 Eshots and enewsletters
  29. 29. Packaging sector whitepapers • See ebook – Bosch, Toledo in packaging Using whitepapers Tomorrow: Establish one industry problem you can write a guide about @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  30. 30. Zendesk using video Tomorrow: Check out @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13 Using video
  31. 31. Staying organised Staying organised
  32. 32. Create a calendarCreate a calendar Tomorrow: Plan & be realistic. Start out with one post, one news story a week, one piece of lead gen content a quarter, one eshot a quarter @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  33. 33. Never miss an idea with Evernote Tomorrow: Sign up to Evernote for free and try it out – great for those long commutes! @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13 Never miss an idea with Evernote
  34. 34. Define what success will look likeDefine what success will look like Tomorrow: What does success look like to you? Build activity to achieve it whether vanity or sanity @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  35. 35. Your one-a-day prescription for the next 3 weeks! 1. Customer perspective 2. Contributors 3. Watering holes 7. Curation tool 8. Repackage one element as blog 9. Case study 4. Absolute USP benefit 5. Highlights 6.Match propositions & requirements 10. One news story 11. One industry problem 12. Video Extras: 16. Subscribe to my blog 17. Buy my book from Amazon (or ask nicely for a free review copy) 13. Plan / calendar 14. Ideas capture 15. Success metrics Your one-a-day prescription for the next 3 weeks! @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  36. 36. Image / reference credits 1 – Devices 3 – Runner 4 – Apple Death Star 5 – Paul Lambert 6 – Animation 7 – People 8 - Marketing 9 – An Internet minute 11 – Service 13 - Batman 15 - Added value 16 – Content audit 17 – Content audit template 23 – B2b content types 27 – Intercom blog 29 – Screen grabs from 32 – Calendar 33 – Evernote Additional resources: Hubspot Image credits @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13
  37. 37. MY 330 page Kindle eBook on B2B digital marketing available now at Amazon This and hundreds of other guides and resources are available to Smart Insights Expert members. @renepower http More on content marketing? @renepower #edgebham 19/9/13