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Better Dads VI_Agreement

Better Dads VI

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Better Dads VI_Agreement

  1. 1. “Better Dads V. I.” “Community” Support Sponsorship Agreement Name________________________________________________________Contact #s______________________________________ Snail mail address______________________________________________e-mail__________________________________________ I/We ___________________________________________________________________ pledge my/our support of “Better Dads V.I.” please print name of person/company responsible for payment by my/our “Community” Support Sponsorship Contribution of : ( ) $100; ( ) more $__________ ; ( ) Individual $___________ in-kind___________________________________________________________________________________ OR you may, please indicate what Sponsor Radio Workshops & Live Broadcast 2 hrs.. each ( ) St. John Live Broadcast $300/hr.; ( )105 JAMZ $ 350/hr.; ( ) WSTA $ 400/hr.; ( ) Radio One $ 350/hr; ( ) 970 St. Croix $ 500/hr. ( ) St. Croix Education Complex Live Broadcast $ 750/hr. OR you may, ( ) Sponsor Father/Son Visit $80/person RT transportation between St. Croix & St. Thomas Or you may, ( ) Sponsor #________ Books for inmates @ $12.99 ea. $_________ ( ) Mention - For my support my business or name will be mentioned during the Radio Workshop. Print/type how your mention should read ____________________________________________________________________ OR ( ) No Mention Thank You. For our budgeting purposes, fax to 340-775-0635 or e-mail your “Community” Support Sponsorship Contribution Agreement ASAP. Contribution may follow on or before January 31 st. in cash, check, money order or “in-kind” payable to “The People’s CAR” P. O. Box 502883, St. Thomas, VI 00805. Your participation, assistance and financial support of “Better Dads VI” will help to stem the anger that we see displayed amongst our young men. Acceptance ________________________________________________________ _________________________ Signature date Acceptance solely obligates above signatory for payment in full for indicated commitment. Cancellation must be submitted in writing however All fees will be obligated. Thank You for Supporting “Community”