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Ideas (widescreen)

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Ideas and Socrates. Best viewed in widescreen.

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Ideas (widescreen)

  1. 1. Ren’s Creations Manual Advance
  2. 2. Ideas can be expressed with diagrams and graphs. Ren’s Creations
  3. 3. Some ideas seem a bit abstract. Feynman Diagram Richard Feynman Nobel Prize, physics, 1965 Ren’s Creations
  4. 4. Some ideas are quite down to earth. Food Pyramid Ren’s Creations Fats, Oils & Sweets Use Sparingly Milk, Yogurt & Cheese Group 2-3 Servings Vegetable Group 3-5 Servings Meat, Poultry, Dry Beans Eggs & Nuts Group 2-3 Servings Fruit Group 2-4 Servings Bread, Cereal, Rice & Pasta Group 6-11 Servings
  5. 5. And some ideas may be fun to talk about. Ren’s Creations
  6. 6. But some ideas can be controversial. Ren’s Creations
  7. 7. Then there are ideas that may provoke thinking, like the story I am about to tell. Ren’s Creations
  8. 8. Once upon a time in ancient Greece, there was a great philosopher named Socrates. The Great Philosopher Ren’s Creations Here is the story.
  9. 9. Socrates advocated, among other things, “ Test of Three”. Is it true? Is it good? Is it useful? Σωκράτης Αληθινή ? Καλή ? Χρήσιμες ? Ren’s Creations The three tests are:
  10. 10. One day a man came to see him and said, Do you know what I just heard about one of your students? Ren’s Creations
  11. 11. Ren’s Creations No, I just heard it. Are you sure it is true?
  12. 12. Ren’s Creations No, on the contrary! Is it about something good?
  13. 13. Ren’s Creations No, not really…... Is it useful to me?
  14. 14. Ren’s Creations Sorry!!! Then why do you want to tell me?
  15. 15. Ren’s Creations The man walked away, embarrassed.
  16. 16. That was why Socrates never learned that his most famous student, Plato, was having an affair with his wife. Πλάτων Plato Ren’s Creations
  17. 17. Disclaimer This story, though widely circulated, may not be true. It is only used here as a platform for expressing ideas. Ren’s Creations
  18. 18. Now we wonder! Is it really better for Socrates not to know about it? Ren’s Creations
  19. 19. Or was it possible that Socrates already knew? Ren’s Creations
  20. 20. Myrto on the left and Xanthippe on the right dousing him with water! Was it his idea of a wonderful life?! Socrates and his two wives Reyer van Blommendael (ca. 1655) Ren’s Creations But he had two wives!
  21. 21. He was also sentenced to death for expressing his ideas! Ren’s Creations Death of Socrates by Jacques-Louis David (1787).
  22. 22. What do you think? Ren’s Creations
  23. 23. This presentation was inspired by Ali Anani’s Organize and Analyze, specifically by Xiby’s discourse on the wisdom of Socrates. Thanks, George , thanks Ali! Postscript Ren’s Creations
  24. 24. The use of copyrighted materials in this presentation, if any, is Fair Use for nonprofit educational purposes. Copyright Disclaimer Ren’s Creations
  25. 25. Images: Internet Story Idea: Internet English Text: Ren Greek Text: Google Translate PowerPoint: Ren Credits Ren’s Creations