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Luck and butterfly effect - chinese style (widescreen)

This is dedicated to Ali Anani. Best viewed with widescreen, PowerPoint 2010. This is second upload because I can't find the first one anymore. My apologies to those who have commented and favorited previously.

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Luck and butterfly effect - chinese style (widescreen)

  1. 1. Luck And Butterfly Effect - Chinese Style - Dedicated to Ali Anani Ren’s Creations Images:
  2. 2. Ren’s Creations
  3. 3. Once upon a time in ancient China, about 475 B.C., there was a rancher named Saiweng. He had a horse ranch. Ren’s Creations
  4. 4. One day one of his horses was missing. All his neighbors felt sorry for him. But he was not a bit dismayed. Ren’s Creations
  5. 5. He said: “Losing a horse is not a good thing, but how do we know something good won’t come from it?” Ren’s Creations
  6. 6. A few days later, that horse came home with a magnificent steed, the kind of horse Hu the barbarians in the north had. Ren’s Creations
  7. 7. His neighbors all came to congratulate him. But he said: “How do we know a bad thing won’t come from it?” Ren’s Creations
  8. 8. Saiweng’s son loved riding that new horse. One day he was thrown off its back and broke his leg. He became a cripple. Ren’s Creations
  9. 9. All his neighbors felt sorry for him. But Saiweng said: “We don’t know for sure it won’t bring us something good.” Ren’s Creations
  10. 10. A year later, Hu the barbarians in the north started invading China. All young men in the village went to war but many didn’t come home. Ren’s Creations
  11. 11. Saiweng’s son didn’t have to go to war because he was a cripple. His broken leg might have saved his life. Ren’s Creations
  12. 12. The moral of the story is: “ A good luck is not necessarily good, and a bad luck is not necessarily bad.” Ren’s Creations
  13. 13. The use of copyrighted materials in this presentation, if any, is Fair Use for nonprofit educational purposes. Disclaimer Images and Story: & Net Ren’s Creations
  14. 14. Ren’s Creations The PowerPoint presentation is a production of Text: Ren Ren’s Creations ©2012 Ren’s Creations. All Rights Reserved.