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How BMW Wins on China Digital and Social Media.

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This sample China Social Campaign Report shows you an excerpt of BMW's successful X1 China social media campaign. It deep dives into BMW's mobile and key influencer strategies used to better penetrate the China market.

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How BMW Wins on China Digital and Social Media.

  2. 2. BMW X1 CHINA SOCIAL CAMPAIGNREPORT T H I S C O P Y I S J U S T A S M A L L S A M P L E REPORT SAMPLE PREVIEW Get the full version online: hJp://­‐social-­‐branding-­‐report/
  3. 3. BMW X1 CHINA SOCIAL CAMPAIGNREPORT Welcome to the China Social Campaign Report. ABOUT THE CSCR MarkeWng campaigns in China provide a unique opportunity to observe brands acWvaWng and integraWng their digital and social channels. Whether in service of a new product launch, brand heritage exhibiWon, or seasonal sales promoWon, campaigns reveal each brand’s blueprint to creaWng buzz, engaging fans, and driving conversion. LEARNING FROM EXAMPLE These reports will take a deep dive into the strategy and mechanics behind the stages of each campaign. At this level of detail, we’ll learn just exactly how marketers integrate the properWes of each digital asset in combinaWon with offline acWviWes and KOL influence to achieve their objecWves. ASK US ANYTHING This report will open the door to deeper quesWons. For this purpose, we’ve created a subscriber forum at where readers can ask us anything from the report. We’ll have our researchers and strategists moderaWng the forums and ready to answer any quesWons asked with professional experience and addiWonal supplemental research when required. ABOUT RESONANCE Created in 2009, Resonance is a preferred China social media and branding agency, with a specific focus on fashion, luxury, and lifestyle brands; headquartered in Shanghai, China. To find out more, visit us at ABOUT CSCR KEY TAKEAWAYS CAMPAIGN QUESTIONS CONTACT HAVE A QUESTION? ASK: RESONANCECHINA.COM/ANSWERS
  4. 4. BMW X1 CHINA SOCIAL CAMPAIGNREPORT TEASER LAUNCH SUSTAINED BMW uses a WeChat minisite to incentivize followers to participate at regional campaign events. 1. LIVE FREE FOR ACTION | WECHAT MINISITE Aier campaign launch, BMW directed their WeChat followers to a campaign minisite (Wei Zhan) promoWng a five-­‐city tour of Live Free For AcWon offline events. 2. FIVE-­‐CITY CAMPAIGN EXPERIENCE From June 20th-­‐30th, BMW hosted campaign experience events in Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Shanghai. 3. AUGMENTED REALITY ACTIVITIES Through the WeChat minisite, BMW promoted unique augmented reality engagements – teasing opportuniWes to win up to 10 prizes a day by parWcipaWng through their smartphones at events. 4. EVENT ACTIVITIES BMW also promoted acWviWes that would take place at each event – including live DJ performances. 5. TEST-­‐DRIVE SIGN UP Like all of their campaign iniWaWves, BMW created opportuniWes to convert minisite traffic into test-­‐drive registraWons. 2 3 4 5 1
  5. 5. BMW X1 CHINA SOCIAL CAMPAIGNREPORT Campaign retweets from aggregator, media, and influencer KOLs extend reach across target audiences during launch. 1. AGGREGATOR ACCOUNTS Aggregator accounts made up the majority of KOL amplificaWon used for BMW’s X1 launch campaign. Account types were spread across automobile, general interest, and travel categories. • Aggregator KOLs Used: 11 • Total Engagement Generated: 5,675 2. MEDIA ACCOUNTS Media account retweets helped the campaign reach relevant enthusiasts as well as wider audiences through popular car magazines and general interest publicaWons. • Media KOLs Used: 9 • Total Engagement Generated: 4,801 3. INFLUENCER ACCOUNTS Car media editors used their personal accounts to retweet BMW’s X1 launch campaign content to their followers for addiWonal awareness and credibility. • Influencer KOLs Used: 6 • Total Engagement Generated: 2,023 1 2 3 全球汽车榜中榜 | Global Car Rank Automobile Aggregator: 10,004,426 Followers 旅⾏行下⼀一站 | Next Stop Travel Travel Aggregator: 6,938,824 Followers 中国汽⻋车导报主编朱骏 | Zhu Jun China Auto Guide Editor: 523,378 Followers 名車志 | Car & Driver Automobile Media : 1,667,198 Followers 三联生活周刊 | Lifeweek General Media: 9,491,057 Followers 中国汽⻋车画报⻬齐宇 | Qi Yu China Car Pictorial Editor : 234,914 Followers TEASER LAUNCH SUSTAINED *KOL data accurate as of June 25, 2014; engagement is the sum of likes, comments, and retweets.
  6. 6. BMW X1 CHINA SOCIAL CAMPAIGNREPORT HAVE A QUESTION? ASK: RESONANCECHINA.COM/ANSWERS Have More Questions? We’ve Got Answers Online. ABOUT CSCR KEY TAKEAWAYS CAMPAIGN QUESTIONS CONTACT ASK US QUESTIONS IN THE FORUMS Digital in China can be complex, and there are always quesWons that this report cannot answer. For this reason we’ve created a Q&A forum where you can log in and ask us any quesWon from this report, and our staff of consultants will get back to you with answers within 48 hours. YOUR PERSONAL CONSULTANT Our consultants are made up of our research and strategy teams, who have access to Resonance’s community managers. Everyone on the forums has pracWcal experience running social, digital campaigns in China and are the most qualified to help answer your quesWons. Ask any unanswered quesDons in the CSBR forums!
  7. 7. BMW X1 CHINA SOCIAL CAMPAIGNREPORT 谢谢 CONTACT US Lvl.2; 1035 Changle Road; Shanghai 200031 Office: 86.21.5302.8238 x8008 Email: VISIT US ONLINE Website: