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Brighton SEO - What We Learned About Paid Social Advertising From Spending 1 Million on Facebook by Guy Levine

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After spending over 1 million pounds with Facebook and Instagram on their advertising platform, we learned valuable lessons on how to understand audiences using IBM Watson and artificial intelligence, how to target current and future customers and how to build 360 degree Facebook advertising campaigns which deliver results.

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Brighton SEO - What We Learned About Paid Social Advertising From Spending 1 Million on Facebook by Guy Levine

  1. 1. Guy Levine RETURN CEO and Founder @wearereturn / @guylevine
  2. 2. Waiting for a click to buy is like waiting for your pet cat to bark.
  3. 3. 3 Elements to Paid Social Success @wearereturn / @guylevine
  4. 4. 1. Understanding your Customers @wearereturn / @guylevine
  5. 5. 2. Effective Targeting @wearereturn / @guylevine
  6. 6. 3. Knowing Which Buttons to Press @wearereturn / @guylevine
  7. 7. So How Do You Understand Your Customers? @wearereturn / @guylevine
  8. 8. @wearereturn / @guylevine
  9. 9. Basic Intro IBM conducted a set of studies to understand whether personality characteristics inferred from social media data can predict people's behaviour and preferences. IBM found that people with specific personality characteristics responded and re-tweeted in higher numbers in information-collection and -spreading tasks. For example, people who score high on excitement-seeking are more likely to respond, while those who score high on cautiousness are less likely to do so (Mahmud et al., 2013). Similarly, people who score high on modesty, openness, and friendliness are more likely to spread information (Lee et al., 2014).
  10. 10. IBM Link Buzzy Link @wearereturn / @guylevine
  11. 11. @wearereturn / @guylevine
  12. 12. @wearereturn / @guylevine
  13. 13. Month 1 £5,794.90 Spend £4.20 ROI £24,360.83 Revenue
  14. 14. Spend Revenue Month 2 £13,132.99 £35.32 ROI £463.875.12
  15. 15. So How Do You Effectively Target Current & Future Audiences? @wearereturn / @guylevine
  16. 16. The best audience is and a Alben Barkley “ intelligent, well-educated little drunk @wearereturn / @guylevine
  17. 17. NEW AUDIENCES ENGAGEMENT WEB VISITS ADD TO CART £££ Click Campaigns Fan Campaigns @wearereturn / @guylevine
  18. 18. NEW AUDIENCES ENGAGEMENT WEB VISITS ADD TO CART £££ Remarketing Dynamic Remarketing @wearereturn / @guylevine
  19. 19. See it Think about it Want it Buy it Enticement Build trust Call to action Offer NEW AUDIENCES ENGAGEMENT WEB VISITS ADD TO CART £££
  20. 20. Video Ads Drive Traffic Drive Conversions Banners & Carousels Collection & CarouselsReach & Brand Awareness
  21. 21. Instagram Stories Reach & Awareness Main Social Channel
  22. 22. Reach & Awareness Facebook & Instagram Not Pushing Sales Feed Videos
  23. 23. New Audience Carousel Light tone of voice Product images No heavy sales hook
  24. 24. Heavy tone of voice Sales hook to drive purchases Remarketing
  25. 25. 3,921% ROI 750% ROI 1,000% ROI
  26. 26. Use 1st Party Data (compliantly) Get The Best Return Possible Using client data is key, complex CRM lists, life- time value information and audience information is pivotal to building successful campaigns Profile your data and group them – customers, lapsed customers. Potential to use mosaic as well to profile list.
  27. 27. Prospecting to Build Your Audience Exclude web visitors/purchasers from the last 60 days Exclude all existing Facebook likes Use range of targeting parameters
  28. 28. Remarket to Monetise Your Audience
  29. 29. Should not be used as the primary remarketing tool Encompassing the ‘story’ approach to social and utilising the marketing funnel. Dynamic Campaigns
  30. 30. Referral source UTM Code Time on Site @wearereturn / @guylevine
  31. 31. Enter the Clone Zone
  32. 32. The Dirty Secrets Facebook Really Doesn't Want You To Know (That We Found Out The Hard Way)
  33. 33. No, they really want your money Attention = 250k+ per month Account managers can rotate monthly
  34. 34. Delivering the Best Return Making sure we don’t waste budget and do not deliver the same ads to the same users Adjusting time of day bidding Focus on using relevance scores to control CPCs
  35. 35. Reducing Click Costs for Budget Efficiency Cost Per Click Relevance Score £0.34 6 £0.19 10
  36. 36. Attribution Organisations record their transactions using last click attribution model on Google Analytics Most users have numerous touch points in their journey that contributes to the overall purchase Investing in future technologies
  37. 37. Partner with brands for digital transformations Acquire new users Retain your most valuable customers Increase basket values What We Do @wearereturn / @guylevine