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Co-Creation - Current cases and new approaches.

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Presentation on co-creation with current cases from police, private sector, private-public, and cross-agency initiatives @mindlab, Copenhagen for delegation from Abu Dhabi.

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Co-Creation - Current cases and new approaches.

  1. 1. Co-­‐Creaon  -­‐  Cases  and  Processes  Dr.  Rex  Degnegaard,  Assistant  Professor  Copenhagen  Business  School  
  2. 2. How  might  we  …    Design  co-­‐creaon  se>ngs  that  will  enable  us  to  harvest  a  greater  potenal  from  our  collaborate  efforts?  
  3. 3. Understanding   How  is  co-­‐creaon  different  from   tradional  strategies?  Inspiraon   What  have  others  done?  Pracce   How  do  we  do  it?  
  4. 4. TRADITIONAL  STRATEGY   CO-­‐CREATION  STRATEGY   Value   Delivery.   Experience.   Goals   Strategic  goals  at  the  outset.   Inial  strategic  goals  as  starng   point.   Interests   The  interests  of  the  corporaon.   The  interests  of  all  stakeholders.     Maximize  share  of  created   Firm  value  capture  is  secondary.   value.   Advantage   Economies  of  scale.   Increased  engagement  of   Posion  and  mely  advantage   stakeholders.   to  competors.   Connually  building  relaons.   Source:  Ramaswamy  og  Gouillart,  2010  
  5. 5. Case: Hooliganism from the Danish police(cc) Stine Arensbach, KPMG
  6. 6. Case: Experimental medicine from hospital(cc) Stine Arensbach, KPMG
  7. 7. Case: Insurance company, private sector
  8. 8. Case: Infra structure across cities, agencies, organizations and corporations.(cc) Stine Arensbach, KPMG
  9. 9. In co-creation, we view potentials and challenges differently (Source: Banny Banerjee, 2012)
  10. 10. Vertical and horizontal co-creation(cc) Stine Arensbach, KPMG
  11. 11. In co-creation processes,It is essential to bring the"relevant stakeholders into"the box – to co-designthe initiative.  
  12. 12. Spaces of co-creation viewed as phasesto create grounds for coordination. 1   2   3   4   5   Idenfy  relevant   Map  value  potenal.   Conduct  co-­‐creaon   Build  co-­‐creaon   Design  organizaon   stakeholders.   workshops  based  on   plaWorms  of   and  governance   experiences.   engangement  to  build   structures  to   and  implement  ideas   connually  co-­‐create   and  iniaves.   around  specific   iniaves.  
  13. 13.