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Employee Engagement - Ryan Gunhold

  1. March 12, 2010 Placeholder for Presentation Name
  2. SHRM Presents The Changing Face of Employee Engagement Ryan Gunhold Associate Faculty & Education Consultant March 2010 Timothy Sprake HR Director
  3. Outcomes Influenced By Employee Engagement Reputation Customer Satisfaction Absenteeism Retention Employee Engagement
  4. Gender Quiz My job gives me the opportunity to do the things I do best. This organization provides me the opportunity to improve my professional knowledge. Senior Management of this organization is concerned about the employees. I have an opportunity to participate in decisions made by my supervisor that affect my work environment. All in all, I am satisfied with my job.
  5. Changing Priorities Age Group Importance (6=Most Important)
  6. Employee Engagement & Diversity Satisfaction % Favorable
  7. The Face of CityU
  8. Percent Favorable Best-in-Class – 90 th Percentile in our database. Three Dimension Opportunities from Data Analysis
  9. Male vs. Female
  10. AGE
  11. Years of Service
  12. Key Drivers of Employee Engagement
  13. Action Planning in Action Pro ®
  14. Action Pro ® / Action Planning Process
  15. Action Planning to Lowest Organizational Level
  16. Submit Action Plan to Supervisor & wait for approval Action Planning Process Meet with your Supervisor to discuss Department Opportunities Global Opportunities for Senior Management Develop Action Plan with Action Pro ® Implement & Communicate Action Plan APulse : Measure Results Discuss /adjust Action Plan with staff
  17. Employee Engagement & Diversity Satisfaction
  18. Questions / Comments October 2, 2007 Thank You!

Notas del editor

  1. “ Brushing off the importance of workplace diversity is a thing of the past; this study provides ground-breaking evidence that diversity satisfaction is a key component of employee satisfaction.” -Kevin Sheridan
  2. BIC = Best in Class