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10 Commandments of Augmented Reality Projects

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Case studies and examples of AR use cases and recommendations on AR app development projects from Catchoom experience

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10 Commandments of Augmented Reality Projects

  1. 1. When AR stands for “Actionable” and “Realistic” Richard Ferraro. CMO +34 627 037 515
  2. 2. Content • About Us • Almirall Case Study • Plandent Case Study • Winewoo Case Study • Best Practice Lessons
  3. 3. We enable brands or publishers to link real objects directly to digital experiences. We provide Image Recognition and Augmented Reality tools for developers and agencies. more accurate than our nearest competitor* 33+ 25%million scans every month million smartphones powered by Catchoom 40+4+ 20% * -according to independent benchmarking performed by Layar, 2013
  4. 4. We’re the “Catchoom inside” for…
  5. 5. Community Facts & Figures • 5,000+ developers • Most frequent CraftAR use case: scan-to-buy • Most common object recognition app: beverages (esp. Wine bottles) • Fastest growing segment of enquiries: Educational case-studies • Campaign with most scans: world cup football stickers (+100m scans) • Strangest enquiry: recognising the head of a deer whilst in motion
  6. 6. Objective: a virtual pharmacy assistant Client: Almirall wanted to reach their customers directly for education and guidance purposes. Features upon recognition: • Usage guidelines • Promotional content • Alerts for drug dosage FotoFarma App
  7. 7. Plandent used Image Recognition via our Adobe Phonegap plugin to recognise over 10,000 SKUs Dental professional simply point, scan and re-order supplies via the app and so avoid stock-outs Plandent Scan-to-order app
  8. 8. Plandent expects 60% of its customers to download the app by end 2015 Image Recognition used as most straighforward way of connecting products to Plandent’s m-commerce platform Plandent Scan-to-order app
  9. 9. 200,000 wines in the palm of your hand • App published in Jan 2015 • Covers 80% of French wines • Taps into a $330m dollar market • In US, 84% of shoppers use smartphone to inform buying decisions while in-store Winewoo
  10. 10. Key success factors • Well-established web community as foundation for app • Simplicity of concept –no gimmicks • Taps into motivated, regular buyers • Community concept provides stickiness Winewoo
  11. 11. The 10 Commandments of Best Practice for AR campaigns 1. Plan your process 2. Focus on a simple concept 3. Make it useful as well as attractive 4. Track interactions 5. Provide instructions 6. Do preliminary testing 7. Add eye-catching calls-to-action 8. Ensure digital content complements the physical 9. Do final testing 10. Spread the word
  12. 12. Richard Ferraro. CMO +34 627 037 515 ricferr_mobile Thank you!