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Vipassana Meditation ppt

One Day Awareness Trip to Vipassana Meditation Center in Igatpuri on Sunday
This is just a One Day Awareness / Information trip to Vipassana Meditation center in Igatpuri by Volvo buses on Sundays.
Churchgate : 6.00 am at Eros, Opp churchgate station
Dadar : 6.30 am at Opp Plaza Cinema Hall
Bandra : 6.35 am at Lucky Restaurant
Andheri : 6.45 am at Shopper Stop ,Main gate
Thane : 7.15 am at Teen hath Naka, Punjab Sind Bank
Thane : 7.20 am at Lodha ,Mc Donalds
Agenda for the Trip:
• We will tour you around the Meditation center.
• We will have guided trip to the Photo gallery.
• We will show a video on the benefits of Vipassana
• We will have an interaction session with the centers teachers in case of any doubts or question.
• We have 30 min Meditation in the center
• You can buy books, audio, or VCDs.
• We will have Buffet lunch in Manas Resort
Arrival at Mumbai by 6 pm in the evening
• You can fill the APPLICATION form for the next available course

Please call for Registration: Richa 9833413084 /61857761
Website: /
Volunteers of Vipassana from Happy Learning Center ,HLC Anil & Richa from Thane
Advertisement is sponsored by Happy Learning Center (HLC)Thane
Charges for Bus : Rs 1000
for Volvo / Mercedez /AC Delux Mini Bus / AC Innova
Lunch at 5 Star Hotel , Manas Resort for Rs 450
(You can bring food from home and eat only in the bus)
Breakfast at Food Hub at your expense.

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Vipassana Meditation ppt

  1. 1. Vipassanameans toSEE THINGS AS THEY REALLYARE,not what itAPPEARS TO BE
  2. 2.  “The Horizon”, that’s the place where the skytouches the earth. Look at the sun and you see that the sun risesand sets Take a glass of water and put a pencil in it, thepencil appears to be crooked.
  3. 3.  If you stand on Pluto and look at the sun, thesun looks like a night bulb. When you stand on earth and look at the sun, itlooks like a yellow football . When you stand in front of the sun yourobservation is the ultimate truth. When we meditate we cover this distance fromapparent truth to ultimate truth
  4. 4.  We need to understand the difference betweenthe apparent truth and the ultimate truth. How our decisions go wrong because we aretaking decisions on the basis of apparent truth?
  5. 5.  Five blind people went to see an elephant,◦ one touches the trunk and said oh ! The elephant islike a hose pipe.◦ one touches the leg of the elephant and says oh! Theelephant is like a tree.◦ one person touches the tail of the elephant and saidoh! The elephant is like a paint brush.◦ one person touches the ears of the elephant and saidoh! The elephant is like a fan .◦ one person touches the body of the elephant and saysthat oh! The elephant is like a wall.
  6. 6.  The expert comments of the five blind people,their analysis, opinions, views, and suggestionsare wrong, it’s only the apparent truth. Our five senses, eyes, ears, nose, tongue andtouch, all these are blind senses. How our suffering keeps on increasing and how itis important to live in the world of reality and notthe apparent truth.
  7. 7.  How our Evaluation, Suggestions, Views, Expertcomments, Opinion and Decisions are dependingon the input of the five senses, only apparenttruth.
  8. 8.  We work at 5 to 10 % of the mental capacity therest is filled with negativity. When the anti scan virus works in the computerthe capacity to process increases, Our capacity towork increases.
  9. 9.  What is the difference between you and your deadbody? Mind!! When the Mind is there this body is called a lifebody. When the Mind is not there it is called a deadbody.
  10. 10.  It is the sum total of all the food that I have eaten. The mental body is the sum total of all the mentalactions that we have done, including the mentalactions like, when we are watching a movie weare generating passion at the mental level.
  11. 11.  In todays world we have the British educationsystem which does not emphasize on the mind . In olden days in India we had the Gurukul systemof education where the guru teaches you how tomaster the mind . Then you learn some skill’s by which you canmake money and lead a happy and contented live.
  12. 12.  We are running the anti virus scan, when allthe programmes are not working, it’s theanti virus scan program that works. If we keep pressing the delete button on thecomputer one by one the programmes getsdeleted for example: anger comes to thesurface and anger gets deleted and therecomes a time when all the programmes ofnegativity gets deleted.
  13. 13.  The reason we go to a meditation centre is to trainour mind and master the 5 senses and learn tolead a happy life. A balanced life. A life of peace and harmony .
  14. 14.  In olden days a temple was a place to learn andmaster the scriptures; The Gita, The Ramayana,The Mahabharata, Master the scriptures and applythem in your life.  Today a temple has become a place for begging,people have forgotten the  main purpose in everyplace of worship. Nobody wants to master the scriptures and lead agood life and apply the scriptures in their life. Everybody thinks that some God or guru is going tosolve all problems.
  15. 15.  When you sow a seed of mango you get a fruit ofmango and the multiplication effect i.e. “sweetfruits” When you sow a seed of Neem you get a fruit ofneem and the multiplication effect i.e. “Bitter fruits” We get similar fruits with the multiplying effectand we can see a continuous process ofmultiplication.
  16. 16.  Suppose, if I had eaten fatty food then I may have a fatbody, same way with the mental body. Seeds of angerreaps fruits of anger, seeds of hatred reaps fruits ofhatred. It is a continuous process of multiplication. Just like a rubber ball, when it is hit hard on the groundthe ball bounces ten or fifteen times before the charge ofthe ball is over when it comes to a stop, that is themultiplying effect on the ball . You sow a seed of mango and you get many fruits ofmango thus the multiplication process goes on.
  17. 17.  Applying, The Gita, The Ramayana, TheMahabharata, The Bible, The Koran in your life ,the direct experience of the truth within, directapplication of the truth in your life. Vipassana is the process of Mental purification ofthe Mind through the process of self observation.
  18. 18.  The scriptures says, the kingdom of heaven iswithin, that is true, but have you experienced it? The scriptures says ,Dont judge people, but wekeep judging people every day. The scriptures says Love Thy neighbour but all wedo is hate our neighbours.
  19. 19.  If you have eaten bad food then you have to paya heavy price; stomach pain, constipation, loosemotion, or in extreme cases even death. You sowseeds of bad food, and the fruit reaps bad result’s. There is no forgiveness in the laws of nature. Inthe same way if you sow seeds of anger, you getfruits of anger, you sow seeds of hatred you getfruits of hatred.
  20. 20.  We always have the habit of saying, this is goingwrong in my life, and that is going wrong in my life,he was wrong, she was wrong. We always have the habit of thinking that lots ofwrongs are happening in our live’s. But the truth is that nothing wrong happens inanybodys life.
  21. 21.  By sowing a seed of mango you do not get fruitsof chikoo, cauliflower or tomato, it never happensin the real world . In the same manner in the inside world nothinggoes wrong. The moment you sow seeds of anger you reap thefruits of anger the moment you sow seeds ofhatred you reap the fruits of hatred .
  22. 22.  If you hurry now, then, later you have to worry. In todays world people are making money in thename of career in a very unbalanced manner. They pay a heavy price for bad health in future. They make extra money to pay their extra medicalBills in the later years of their lives. They are making money only to pay medical bills.They get a heart-attack then another one, and finallythe doctor tells them to go to America for bettertreatment . They had sown the seeds of suffering which in turnreaped fruits of suffering.
  23. 23.  What is the cause of suffering? rich man poor man,beautiful lady, handsome man, everybody in this world issuffering but why, what is the cause? Buddha realised that the mind has two deep rootedhabit patterns that is, Craving and Aversion, and thishappens because we are ignorant about the laws ofnature. Craving is, I want, I like, I want more and Aversion is, Idon’t want, I dont like, or I hate this. All the five senses have Craving or Aversion.
  24. 24.  Just like a see-saw, you press craving andaversion goes up and when you press aversionand craving goes up. Just like a boat when you press one sideCraving and the-boat sinks and you press theother side aversion and again the boat sinks. You have to learn the art of balancing the mind. Both Craving & Aversion has to balance themind.
  25. 25.  India and Pakistan cricket match: what happens inevery ball there is a craving and aversion,because I think that I am an Indian, again illusion. How can you say you are an Indian? you cant payyour tax, help your neighbors, neither helpsomeone in an accident on the road.
  26. 26.  You are watching a movie, a romantic scene begins,immediately passion starts building, a biochemicalreaction has started in the body, the person on thescreen is not your wife, husband, girlfriend, Boyfriendthen why are you reacting? Oh, what is passion? Justcraving, just an illusion, There is nothing attractive in a human body, the truthof a body is that, it is a stinking body but still I findAishwarya Rai attractive when she is integrated. But when she is disintegrated then she is not attractiveit becomes repulsive.”Aversion”
  27. 27.  Lets us study the truth, like a scientist lets us dividethe body into 4 buckets, one bucket of blood, onebucket of beautiful flesh, and one bucket of eyes,ears, bones, intestine, shit, piss etc, that is what abody consists of .Now there is no attraction. Isn’t it? You are watching an action movie, lots of Pakistani’sare beating up Indians, immediately patriotism startsbuilding in our mind, why? I do not not pay taxes norhelp anybody in this world, neither help a child cryingon the road, nor even help my neighbors .
  28. 28.  Buddha discovered that the mind has four parts Cognition Recognition Sensation i.e. (observation of sensations on thebody) Sankhara (Reaction) Any input in your five senses
  29. 29.  Suppose I have two jute ropes say one rope iscraving the other is aversion and we twist it, forsome hours and after some time if we leave it,What will happen? It will rewind back in the opposite direction.  It is a natural process, all we have to do is learnthe art of observing the reality inside objectively.
  30. 30.  There is no place in this world where any God orguru has the guts to run any centre withoutcharging any fees, no hinting for donation, noforcing. Just like in the olden days, “The Gurukulsystem”.  For 800 people, their food, accommodation and thiswonderful technique, without any charges for 10days. We have 160 centres in the world all the centres runon the same system, those people who have donethis course can donate after having done a ten daycourse They donate out of gratitude for the centre, theteacher or the technique.
  31. 31.  Just like you look after your parents out ofgratitude, because they looked after you, fulfilledall your wishes desires, whims and fancies,sacrificed for you, so out of gratitude for all thegood they have done we look after them for rest oftheir life. Those people who have benefited from thiscourse helps us to run the centre. 
  32. 32.  The five precepts. Not to kill. Not to tell lies.(Refrain from bad speech) Not to cheat or steal. Not to take intoxicants No sexual misconduct. No outside contact (outside world) , no mobile,walkie talkies, pager, laptop, computers, books,Walkman or news paper.This is a very serious and intensive course.
  33. 33.  Just like a physical training in a Gym,everybody’s life is not going to change, it dependson your efforts, determination and seriousness tochange yourself. Say a 1000 children go to school ,How many willcome first in class? just one or two, How many willhave some interest in studies? just a handful.
  34. 34.  We have 30,000 - 70,000 people who have donethis course in the last 42 years in Mumbai. The Eight Wonder of the world where 10,000people can meditate, the structure made of purerock no cement like the pyramids in Egypt is inEssel world, Mumbai which will last 2500 years.
  35. 35. One-Day  Awareness trip to Global Pagoda in  Essel world / IGATPURI to create awareness about Vipassana  and the benefits to the society.Volvo Buses / Mini Buses  will leave FROM --Nariman Point,Marine Lines,Peddar Road,Mabalar Hill,Worli,Dadar, Bandra,Andheri, Vashi,Powai, Mulund, and Thane.AT 7.00 AM on    SundaysFOR DETAILS call Richa    9833413084 / 022-61857761Email :Name,Boarding, Mobile to
  36. 36. 