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The Future of Voice of Customer Programmes - from Research to Customer Engagement

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What if you turned your voice of customer programme into a customer engagement programme?

Too many VoCPs substitute Net Promoter Score targets for thinking about how this valuable customer touch-point can be used to improve engagement.

This presentation was given in March 2011 at the Directors' Forum on Voice of Customer / Feedback / Customer listening

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The Future of Voice of Customer Programmes - from Research to Customer Engagement

7 tips on getting the most from your Voice of Customer programme, no matter what technology you use. Richard Sedley
  2. Richard SedleyCommercial DirectorFoviance
  3. Question 1How many companies have aVoice of Customer programme?50%+
  4. Focus groups Online surveys Social media monitoringOffline questionnaires User testing Out of boxing Call-centre monitoringCustomer communities 1-2-1 interviews
  5. Question 2What’s the biggest problemwith VoC programmes?Lack of business value
  6. Disconnect between CX and business results delivered by VoC Programmes VoC programme’s value in improving customers’ experience VoC programme’s value in delivering financial results 43%Extremely valuable 12% 33% Very valuable 27% 15% Neutral 30% 8%Somewhat valuable 28% 0% Not at all valuable 3% Base: Customer experience professionals who work at organisations with VoC programmes currently in place Source: Forrester Global CX Peer Research Panel Survey
  7. Not measuring the right things Not doing the right things toto show business value drive business value
  8. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENTis the best measure of current and futureperformance; an engaged relationship isprobably the only guarantee for a futurereturn on your organisation’s objectives.1st Annual Customer Engagement Report. Published 2006
  9. DefinitionCUSTOMER ENGAGEMENTRepeated interactions that strengthenthe emotional, psychological and physicalinvestment a customer has in a brand(product or service)
  10. Question 3How do we focus on theright things to drivecustomer engagement?
  11. ONESIX
  12. 1.Clarity &Simplicity
  13. Would you recommend us Yesto your Grandmother? X NoorThinking about your experience today. Select an optionOn a scale of 1-10, where 1 is negativeand 10 is positive, how likely would you beto recommend us to your Grandmother?
  14. Tip 1.Don’t make me think.With apologies to Steve Krug
  15. 2.Recognition & Reaction
  16. Reward Enabling Appreciating Remembering UnderstandingListening Recognition chain
  17. Recognitionchain
  18. Screen 1Would you recommend us Yesto your Grandmother? X NoScreen 21,450 people have answered this question in the last 30 days 950 We’re sorry you’re Grandmother won’t be hearing about us. We promise we’ll try harder in the future. 550 At the moment we have 33 projects running to improve our website. Find out moreYes No
  19. Tip 2.Recognition is the basis of any engagedrelationship.Always provide feedback on the feedback.
  20. 3.Integrity & Service
  21. Screen 1Would you recommend us Yesto your Grandmother? X NoScreen 2Oh no.Previous customers that haven’t • How to sign up • Changing contractwanted to recommend us have • How to top-upfound these usefulIf you can tell us a bit about whyyou wouldn’t recommend us we’lltry and improve. Send your comments to us
  22. Tip 3.Approaching VoC as purely an insightprogramme is a wasted opportunity.Incorporate help, advice and potentiallyentertainment into your programme.
  23. 4.Glide & Flow
  24. Flow highA psychological Arousalstate where aperson is fully Anxiety Flowimmersed andfocused on anactivity or task. ChallengeMihály Worry ControlCsíkszentmihályi Apathy Relaxation Boredom low low Skill level high
  25. Would you recommend usto your Grandmother? Flip for YES / NO
  26. Variable reinforcement highCreate outcomes,small or large, withoutbeing able to predict Variable intervalswhat action is going to Variable rewardsbe able lead to thatoutcome. Engagement Fixed interval Regular reward low short Time long
  27. Tip 4.Sometimes engagement is about tunnellingfor ease of use, sometimes it’s aboutchallenge.Don’t be scared to treat customersdifferently and reward them randomly.
  28. 5.Seduction& Delight
  29. INCREASING MOTIVATION PsychologyREMOVINGFRICTION Usability Joshua porter
  30. Would your Granny love a big kiss from us? No, she’s gone shoppin’ Sure thang, pucker up
  31. Tip 5.Sometimes people find things they enjoyeasy.Make your VoC programme the best thingabout your company?
  32. 6.Ambition &Innovation
  33. Would you like us to super X Yescharge your Granny? No
  34. Tip 6.Customers want to know they are engagingwith a best of breed company.Use your VoCP to represent your company’sbrand values and express aspiration – yoursand your customers’.
  35. Clarity & SimplicityRecognition Integrity& Reaction & Service Glide Seduction & Flow & Delight Ambition & Innovation
  36. Tip 7.Make your Voice of Customer Programmeless about ‘research’ and more about‘engagement’.Create a customer-centric VoCP in orderto maximise business value
  37. Richard