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Moorpark rotary presentation on social media

  1. Social Organizations Taking Communication & Collaboration To New Levels
  2. “Every time we develop a new engine we have to blow it up!” http://www.nasa. gov/images/content/514556main_41s_explosive_smoke_1
  3. You can’t manage this! Peter Drucker
  4. But you can facilitate it! The Network Effect
  5. Identical information evokes different meanings in each of us. It is not what the message does to the audience . . . but what the audience does with the message. . . that really matters. – Frank Miller I=0 (Information has no intrinsic meaning)
  6. How Do We Frame The Issues?
  7. Scott's Primer
  8. Are Any of These Familiar?
  9. So Why Is This So Difficult?
  10. Clayton Christensen & Disruptive Innovation
  11. Jobs-to-be-Done (Christensen) ● What are the high-level jobs-to-be-done? ○ Civil War Re-enactment ○ Run So Others Can Walk
  12. Jobs-to-be-Done (Christensen) ● What are the current approaches and what pain points result?
  13. Jobs-to-be-Done (Christensen) ● What prevents new solutions from being adopted?
  14. Jobs-to-be-Done (Christensen) ● What value would success create for our organization and those we serve?
  15. Thank You Rick Ladd