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A comparison of the advertising agencies

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Integrated Marketing Communication - A Comparison of the Advertising Agencies

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A comparison of the advertising agencies

  1. 1. A Comparison of the Advertising Agencies Integrated Marketing Communication
  2. 2. • DDB Mudra Group • Grey Group Advertising • Percept Pictures • Ogilvy & Mather The Advertising Agencies
  3. 3. • We want to be the leading marketing communication group in the country by 2020. DDB Mudra Group Vision
  4. 4. • In the days of Doordarshan, newly-available color TVs religiously played a handful of tele-serials and entertainment programs that were intermittently interrupted by advertisements. Not many can forget ‘I love you Rasna’, Dhara, Shudh Dhara and Only Vimal. These home-grown brands became household names, thanks to the Mudra Group. • Mudra also brought international brands like McDonalds and Samsung to India. In no time, Mudra rose to join the ranks of the top five companies in the advertising industry. Brand Mudra quickly became a force to reckon with. CEO & MD: Madhukar Kamath
  5. 5. • Total Advertising Services : Strategic planning, creative development and media services for advertising, particularly in television, newspapers, magazines and radio; providing the best creative designed to capture the imagination of consumers. • Marketing Services: Provision of a number of advertising related services, including sales promotion, market research, PR and event marketing. • E-Solution Services : e-solution services, including system integration services, e-business consulting and customer relationship management (CRM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and e-promotions using the Internet and mobile. Services Offered
  6. 6. • Content Business: Sales of sponsorship, broadcasting and other rights, and the production and marketing of such media / content as sporting events, films, TV programs, animated content, music and other forms of entertainment. • Integrated Media Services: Bringing value to both clients and media-related companies by offering a wide range of media solution services. • Integrated Branding Services: Assuring clients the highest quality of branding services for their communication needs.
  7. 7. • A global advertising and marketing agency with headquarters in New York City. • Organized into four geographical units: North America; Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. • As a unit of communications conglomerate WPP Group, Grey Global Group operates branded independent business units in many communications disciplines including: advertising, direct marketing, public relations, public affairs, brand development, customer relationship management, sales promotion, interactive marketing — through its subsidiaries: Grey, G2, GHG, GCI Group, MediaCom Worldwide, Alliance, G WHIZ, and WING. Grey Group Advertising
  8. 8. • Digital • Activation • Media • Shopper Marketing • Advertising Services Offered
  9. 9. • James R. Heekin III became chairman and CEO of Grey Group in January 2007, after leading Grey, the company’s global advertising arm, since 2005. Under his leadership, Grey has enjoyed the most successful years in its history, adding over $1 billion in new business and producing such award-winning campaigns as the ETrade baby and Ellen DeGeneres for CoverGirl. • Ad Age named Grey to its prestigious A-List of the world’s best agencies and Fast Company named Grey to its “50 Most Innovative Companies in the World.” Earlier in his career, Jim served as chairman and CEO of EuroRSCG Worldwide, McCann- Erickson WorldGroup and McCann-Erickson Worldwide. • A graduate of Williams College, Jim served previously on the board of directors for JWT, the Interpublic Group of Companies, The American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Ad Council. • A fourth-generation Irish American whose father’s family came from Co. Donegal, Jim says that he has been “proud to witness and be a small part of the rise of the Irish in America and the transformation of Ireland.” The CEO: James Heekin
  10. 10. • Procter & Gamble • GlaxoSmithKline • Nokia • British American Tobacco • Diageo • Volkswagen • Novartis • Wyeth • Canon • DirecTV • 3M Clients
  11. 11. • Established in 2002, Percept Pictures is India’s first fully integrated Content Creation, Aggregation and Distribution Company. With expertise in producing Motion Pictures, Television Software, Film Distribution and Marketing, Ad Film Production, Corporate Films, Live Events and Special Projects, Percept Pictures is equipped to meet the content needs of both consumers and clients alike. Percept Pictures
  12. 12. • Vision: To be the preferred solutions provider in the entertainment, media & communications domain globally • Mission: To create and build enduring relationships with all our stakeholders • Values: Integrity, Commitment, Teamwork & Excellence The Philosophy
  13. 13. 1. Marketing Communication Services • Creative Services – Advertising, Brand Marketing Consultancy & Communications, Corporate Identity, Strategy, Creative, Design & Packaging, and Integrated Marketing Communication Consultancy services • Media Services – Media Planning, Buying & Representation; Outdoor Media; Retail Media; Rural Media; and Digital Advertising Media. • Other Marco Services – Experiential & Entertainment Marketing; Sports Management & Marketing; Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions Management; Wedding Management; Event Management & Marketing; Celebrity Endorsements & Talent Management; Entertainment Branding & Marketing; Branded Entertainment; Brand Activations & Promotions; Public & Media Relations, and Social Media Marketing. 3 Core Business Domains
  14. 14. 2. Assets • Filmed Content – Ad Films; Television and Movie Content Production, Aggregation, Distribution & Marketing • Non Film Intellectual Properties – Intellectual Properties in the Live Entertainment domain encompassing Music, Dance, Fashion and Sports 3. Digital • Digital & Mobile VAS – new media domain including Intellectual Properties in the Digital Media and Mobile Value Added Services domain, Digital Content delivery and Distribution
  15. 15. • Ogilvy & Mather: an international advertising, marketing and public relations agency based in Manhattan, and is a WPP company. It operates 450 offices in 161 cities of 120 countries worldwide with approximately 18,000 employees. • The 2013 Google India advertisement (created by Ogilvy & Mather India) Reunion (about the Partition of India) has had a strong impact in both India and Pakistan, leading to hope for the easing of travel restrictions between the two countries. It went viral and was viewed more than 1.6 million times before officially debuting on television on November 15, 2013. Ogilvy & Mather
  16. 16. • Miles Young (born 1954) is the Worldwide Chairman and CEO of the international advertising, marketing and public relations agency Ogilvy & Mather. Young's career in advertising has spanned Lintas, Allen Brady & Marsh and Ogilvy & Mather, which he joined in 1982. • In 1995, Young was appointed Chairman of Asia Pacific at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. He has been CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide since 2008, and CEO of the Ogilvy Group since 2009. He has been the Chairman of the Board and Director of Ogilvy & Mather SAS since 2012. • Young is a co-founder of the Ogilvy-Tsinghua Programme for Public Branding, a joint venture with Tsinghua University, Beijing, and is a member of the Advisory Board of Tsinghua University. He is a visiting Professor of Xiamen University and of the Wanli Ningbo University. CEO: Miles Young
  17. 17. • Vodafone • Sprite • Google • KFC • Rolls Royce • Fanta • Cadbury Clients
  19. 19. • Vimal as its first client: This is the brand that launched Mudra on its tryst with destiny. What began with sarees, moved towards suiting's, shirting's and dress materials. The advertisement was designed in such a way that consumer will be delighted to use premium & innovative products. • Rasna launched a soft drink concentrate with a range of nine flavours on a platform that offered both taste and economy. The advertisement symbolizes freshness and naturalness which improved product acceptability among customers as ads is endorsed by kids it establishes the trustworthiness among customers. DDB Mudra Group
  20. 20. • Mudra's relationship with Paras Pharmaceuticals began in 1987, going on to build brands like Moov, Itch guard, Dermicool, Livon and Recova.The advertisement was made in such a way that show caring attitude. • Mudra spread its wings - Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad operations commenced. In 1990, Nestle walked in as the first MNC client. Mudra launches new campaign of Nestle kitkat, uses animation for the first time in India. It urges busy youngsters to take a break and notice the fun events in their surroundings. • McDonald's has taken a big leap in the consumer's mind. The change of perception was made possible through a carefully executed communication plan that also complemented the strategic changes in pricing and menu; leading to an almost perfect example of a successfully executed campaign.
  21. 21. CoverGirl How does a youthful brand meaningfully engage with aging consumers? By choosing 50-year-old Ellen DeGeneres to introduce their Simply Ageless foundation. The challenge was to break out of the ‘teen only’ target and reach aging consumers in an engaging and meaningful way. They realised that women across America only respond to outer beauty if there’s inner beauty to back it up. Therefore, the best solution was Ellen DeGeneres, Cover Girl – the inspired pairing of a 50-year-old comedienne and talk show host with CoverGirl’s Simply Ageless foundation for mature skin. The results are the fact that Simply Ageless foundation is now the #1 foundation in the mass cosmetics category in terms of both dollar and volume share. And the free media exposure has been astonishing: Ellen has mentioned the brand more than 25 times on her daytime television show. Grey Group Advertising
  22. 22. Canon The challenge: The Project Imaginat10n photo contest, in partnership with Oscar – winning director Ron Howard, catapulted Canon ahead of Nikon to live in the #1 spot. The challenge here was to keep up the momentum and maintain market position. They realised that they don’t need to be a film professional to make a movie and anyone can sit in the director’s chair. Hence, the solution where they turned the Canon’s photo contest into an entire film festival, enlisting five celebrity first – time directors and five consumers to direct films under the auspices of Ron Howard, all inspired by imaginative photos. DirecTV The aim was to increase the overall app download therefore, the grabbed the attention of the avid NFL fans with a piece of entertaining content, instead of a traditional commercial. This was done digitally ie online video and via twitter leading to 6.5 mm views in less than a week.
  23. 23. A strategic vision does not define a company's success - its people do. At Percept, they provide their people a creative, collaborative environment that encourages initiative, drive and a sense of professional fulfilment. Percept Limited has worked diligently to ensure independent thought and input from all levels of the organization, essential to the organization's survival. their people are the growth engine of this organization and have helped define what Percept is today. As Perceptites, they help clients achieve their targets, and change the rules of the contest, by taking approaches that go beyond the conventional. They work with their clients, right from the idea generation to planning, execution, and change thereon. Percept Pictures
  24. 24. • With a corporate culture based on Creativity and Innovation, they endeavour to practice “something new, something different” everyday, and have established a commendable position in the Entertainment, Media and Communications industry. D’Damas picks Sonakshi Sinha as its new face: • The diamond jewellery brand launches new campaign conceptualized by Percept/H to take its brand positioning forward. D’Damas, one of India’s leading diamond jewellery brands announced the stunning bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha as the new face of the brand. D’damas, which is the only brand in the country having distinct sub-brands, also unveiled its new campaign. It takes the brands current positioning of ‘Celebrate Always’ forward with a fresh and more relevant execution and imagery, personified by Sonakshi Sinha. The campaign is conceptualized by Percept/H.
  25. 25. • D’damas sub-brands caters to the moments like marriage, special occasions and religious or for pure indulgence. It thus gives its consumers not only ample choice to select from the wide range but also possibilities to own more diamond jewellery to celebrate all moments and make each moment of one’s life really special. The campaign revolves around the memorable moments of one’s life, both of the ordinary, everyday kind as well as the special once-in-a lifetime ones such as experiencing the first rays of the sun emerging through darkness, the unique experience of being a bride, enjoying the merriment at festivals like Diwali. Whatever the moment ordinary or special D’Damas will add a sparkle to your joy and add to your celebration to make those moments live on!
  26. 26. • David Ogilvy’s Idea of advertising was simple and clean. • But to compete in today's world O&M makes their Ads according to the Brand. • Some of the famous ad campaigns done by O&M in India are: • Vodafone – zoo zoo campaign • Sprite - sidi baat no bakwas • Google - India Pakistan reunion add • KFC - its finger licking good Ogilvy & Mather
  27. 27. • Rolls Royce – At the speed of 60kmph the loudest noise you will hear will be of your watch. • Fanta – Fanta Animated skateboard ad • Cadbury – a case where there was a bug found out in Cadbury chocolates affected the sales of Cadbury by 30%. O&M helped the company to restore customer’s confidence back into Cadbury Chocolates.
  28. 28. THANK YOU