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Social Media is a great way for any business to drive growth.
Know your before searching.key terms
Study: Social media eng...
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Rival IQ - How to use competitive social media analytics

Drive business growth with a social media strategy built on relevant competitive and industry data. Use our streamlined 5-step process for conducting your competitive social analysis.

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Rival IQ - How to use competitive social media analytics

  1. 1. Social Media is a great way for any business to drive growth. Know your before searching.key terms Study: Social media engagement is the #1 most important metric for over 450 mid-to-senior level marketing leaders. Use Rival IQ’s Cross Channel Detailed Metrics to see: Case Study: Streamline the process with the right tools. Competitive Social Media Analytics Put your competitor list into Rival IQ for initial review: Eliminate those that speak to a different buyer persona. Eliminate those that do not perform on social media. Keep only those that are purely relevant. Include one or two far more influential than you. audience size Be both effective and efficient with your marketing budget. Can Make You a Smarter Marketer Search using: Make a list of 5 to 10 competitors. Engagement rates tell you where the audience is receptive. Don’t rely on gut. Rely on hard data. The idea stage of content creation is often time-consuming. Set social media benchmarks based on results of companies you aspire to beat. growth rates activity audience engagement Create Compelling Content Validate Marketing Initiatives Prioritize Social Channels Identify Competitors Assets and Pivot Buzzsumo Track top content trends. Rival IQ Find competitors’ top-performing content. Create fresh content that serves the same need. Buffer Feeds Aggregate industry news. 4 3 2 1 Assess your current position fast: Look at your Top Cross Channel Social Content, sorted by total engagement Set reporting parameters and let Rival IQ auto-generate the necessary reports Use the right tools to make social media an open book and implement faster and better. Build your strategy on real data of what’s working right now, and you’re sure to excel. Below is our streamlined 5-step process for competitor social analysis. To build a strategy that will work in your industry, you’ll need competitive data. Their Assets 100 well-written blog posts. 20 valuable ebooks, white papers, case studies. Their Doubts Founders believed their lead generation content was too “salesy” for social media. Data-Driven Validation Using Rival IQ, Marketing validated strategy while monitoring and staying ahead of competitors’ content. Results in 30 days of social promotion traffic boost referral boost Get 7 days free See how Rival IQ can help you make more informed decisions about your market. Visit RIVALIQ.COM for a free trial