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Lt Col Beaumont Brief on Logistics

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This briefing was made by Lt. Col. Beaumont, Australian Army, at Williams Foundation Seminar, April 11, 2019.

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Lt Col Beaumont Brief on Logistics

  1. 1. How do we sustain self-reliance? Lieutenant Colonel David Beaumont Chief Instructor Army School of Logistics Operations @davidblogistics
  2. 2. Logistics is a system of activities, capabilities and processes that connect the national economy to the battlefield; the outcome of this process is the establishment of a ‘well’ from which the force draws its combat potential or actual firepower.
  3. 3. Strategy & Tactics provide the scheme for the conduct of operations within economic and logistics limits Logistics provides the means for the conduct and sustainment of military operations National authority Government, NSC National military Department, ADF HQ Service level RAN, Army, RAAF, Joint, Groups Combat Forces (Joint Operations & Garrison) Joint Task Forces Domain owners Formations & Units National strategic policies Capability guidance Strategic plans / preparedness Force Generation requirements Tactical guidance (inc. logistics) Tactical plans (inc. logistics) Strategic recommendations Tactical recommendations National industry, Defence industry and support policies Governance & Assurance Budget allocation Acquisition & Sustainment guidance Capability acquisition (CLC) Sustainment policy & action Local procurement Resource allocation Resource use & acquittal Operators of distribution, supply, maintenance, health Broad logistics requirements National support operators A map of logistics tasks in Defence Based on a graphic prepared by Eccles, H., Logistics in the National Defense, 1959 Strategic J4 – logistics in support of ops & logistics in support of capability Operational J4 – JOC & Theatre Tactical logistics commanders Logistics responsibilities:-
  4. 4. Almost never will all logistics requirements be satisfied in an exact balance, and as long as this is true, and as long as military operations are governed by the finite, some phase of logistics is bound to be a limiting factor. - Dr James A. Huston, Sinews of War