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How to Create an Infographic with these 5 Delicious Elements

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I want to introduce you to the 5 main elements that any creator, even just a content marketer or a designer, should take into account when planning an infographic.

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How to Create an Infographic with these 5 Delicious Elements

  1. / Robert Katai @katairobi
  2. Originally called "rm rmJ= .7't‘r<') my gl.1i. l:)lrI. (l, <7,‘.7*'”, this visual tool condenses information into an easily digestible format. T K ‘F“
  3. Why INFOGRAPHICS are important TODAY
  4. 2006 2008 2010 2012 In just over 2 years, infographic search volumes have increased by over Key: searches for "infographic”
  5. more likely to be read an infographic than a text article more than < ). /ii l f‘ of marketers currently use infographics
  6. Infographics can bring substantial website traffic Neil I, Co—founder CrazyEgg Er He 0 ar
  7. main elements for a good looking infographic
  9. Q BRANDING Any infographic coming on the market from within the company, i. e., from your brand, needs to be branded
  10. Fonts Color from your HOW To D0 E brand identity l Graphic l Elements Brand Identity 2 ‘ (logo, name, website)
  11. Branding demonstrates that sense of belonging David Ogilvy
  12. Q sronv Tell a story that isn't about you but your audience
  13. In our everyday lives, personal stories and gossip make up 65°/0 of our conversations.
  14. st? ) DATA & STATS ta is being created every minute ery day without us even noticing it
  15. I%ehatHe Factual
  16. Data is key to building trust with customers
  17. SHAREABILITY Make sure your infographic is EASY TO SHARE by providing an embed code
  19. _ RESOURCES Let your audience know where you got the insights from
  20. * Confirm Use reputable your facts resources
  21. Don't forget to cite your resources in the infographic. Use bit. |y to shorten the links that are too long.
  22. What your INFOGRAPHIC can do for your AUDIENCE
  24. References Unbounce / / bit. ly/1hC72Yc NIDG Advertising / / bit. ly/1R8LSXc Jeff Bullas / / bit. ly/1LLfPVP Kissmetrics / / bit. ly/1MvIugD CMO / / cmo. cm/1L95WxM
  25. lets‘ www. robertkatai. com Visual Marketer Brand Evangelist Bannersnack @katairobi