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Why you should start experimenting on social media

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I strongly believe everyone should start experimenting on social media. Why? Because My social media strategy is not your social media strategy. And my brand is not your brand. And of course my audience is not your audience.

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Why you should start experimenting on social media

  1. 1. ROBERT KATAI Visual Marketer & Brand Evangelist @B nnnnnnn ack
  2. 2. I strongly believe everyone should start experimenting on social media. Let me tell you why. ..
  3. 3. My social media strategy is not your social media strategy My brand is not your brand My audience is not your audience
  5. 5. But what about all the books and articles about social media marketing?
  6. 6. Some people love to ‘Q share their experience and some people need some inspiration to move forward 3*;
  7. 7. Today, getting people to hear your story on social media, and then act on it, requires using a p| atform’s native language, paying attention to context, understanding the nuances and subtle differences that make each platform unique, and adapting your content to match. Garry Vayrerclwlz, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook
  8. 8. So. have brands @ experimented on social media?
  9. 9. GE was one of the first OVINES brands on Vine, launching just one day after the platform was released to the public. Since then, GE has made Vine a staple of its monthly content strategy, posting a total of 80 original vines ranging from DIY science projects to behind the scenes testing in the lab. ‘{~: l l*»'«l‘l" ll} ‘. ".‘Hl l. ‘-‘l, ll l l lvl5l‘ll Ml nfilll Hill lHl“llw". l.l l H HY ¢? H[lWlU MSE EUllDSEllNCl Resource: http: //bit. |y/ ge_vaynermedia
  10. 10. IKEA, with the help of ad agency Instinct, created a new website to launch its PS 2014 collection . The website is built entirely through lnstagram. Each of the 34 items in the PS 2014 line has its own lnstagram account so A . shoppers can take a ‘ — «*~ —~—-*- closer look at the products. Resource: http: //bit. ly/ ig_ikea
  11. 11. Madonna was premiering her new music video for "Living for Love" on Snapchat, the first music video from her upcoming album "Rebel Heart. " Resource: http: //bit. |y/ sc_madonna
  12. 12. (1 l P I. f if rim: BMW is sponsoring Re: form, a collection of posts about design edited by Sarah Rich, a former senior editor at Dwell magazine. It's the first time a collection, Medium's term for a digital publication, will have a sponsor. It's also the first attempt by Medium to generate revenue. Resource: http: //bit. |y/ bmw_medium
  13. 13. Adidas launched its first Tumblr blog in time for the 2012 UEFA European 4 " , _ _. adidasvoowa-I Championship. The site i T was promoted through paid placements in Tumb| r’s “Radar” slot on the user dashboard. Resource: http: //bit. |y/ tmb| r_adidas
  14. 14. If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes — then learn how to do it later! Richard Branson, Virgin
  15. 15. Experimenting will help you understand Ill CONTENT I CONTEXT | — COMMUNITY
  16. 16. Start and don’t be afraid
  17. 17. If your competition is not there then YOU SHOULD 0 BE
  18. 18. Embrace the
  19. 19. After experimenting start G: —”C(0>llI3
  20. 20. Now do you want to start experimenting on social media?
  21. 21. TH AN“ ROBERT KATAI Visual Marketer & Brand Evangelist @Bannersnack Twitter: @katairobi lnstagram: @katairobi Blog: www. robertkatai. com