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Complementary Therapies

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Complementary Therapies for Cancer Survivors
Massage, Creative Visualisation, Deep Relaxation are just some of the therapies that have been proven to help recovery from cancer. What could work for you? The Christie offers advice and help.
Author: Justine Heywood, Senior Therapist, Y.O.U
Design & Editorial: Robert Hart-Fletcher
Produced by: KidsOKOnline,
Images licensed from Shutterstock
© Copyright 2013, Young Oncology Unit, The Christie Hospital, Manchester
Produced by KidsOKOnline
Images licensed from Shutterstock.

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Complementary Therapies

  1. 1. ComplementaryTherapiesJustine HeywoodSenior TherapistY.O.USurvivorship
  2. 2. ComplementaryTherapiesWhat are Complementary Therapies(CT)?The BenefitsStop Smoking SupportGetting HelpUseful ContactsComplementaryTherapiesSurvivorship
  3. 3. What areComplementaryTherapies?Not alternative, but Complementary tomainstream medicineAvailable therapiesmassagearomatherapyreflexologyhypnotherapyacupuncturecreative imagerystress managementHolistic approachCT can benefit everyoneSurvivorshipComplementaryTherapies
  4. 4. SurvivorshipThe Benefits
  5. 5. Benefits for the BodyMuscle aches – alleviatedConstipation – easedNausea – goneHeadaches – relievedSkin problemskeep skin supple and intactdefend against infectionreduce inflammation.Pain – reduced perceptionCirculation – improvedSleep – improvedSurvivorshipComplementaryTherapies
  6. 6. Benefits for the MindAnxiety – panic and depression canbe helpedControl – level of perceived controlincreasedBody image – massage offersacceptancePhobias and anticipatory symptoms(E.g. needle phobia) dispelledSpace and Time – to talk, to forgetor for peace and relaxationSpirituality - talk about deeperfeelings in a peaceful environmentStop Smoking SupportSurvivorshipComplementaryTherapies
  7. 7. Creative ImageryTechniques for creative visualizationand deep relaxation.Syrajala et al (1995) reportedsignificant reduction in pain in a largestudy with patients receiving cancertreatment.Wallace (1997) nine imagery studiesfor relief of cancer pain show thatexperience of pain, anxiety &depression reduced significantly.Ernst (2000) relaxation treatmentsshow that reduction in anxiety maybe key to improvements in quality oflife.SurvivorshipComplementaryTherapies
  8. 8. Massage“Very relaxing. Canforget about everything.Went into a day dream.”“Super idea. Brilliant.What people need. Showspeople are giving youextra care.”“Feels great now.Managed to switch off.Saves you sitting there,thinking.”- (Mackereth P. et al, 2008)SurvivorshipComplementaryTherapies
  9. 9. SurvivorshipStopSmoking
  10. 10. Stop Smoking SupportManchester Stop Smoking ServiceTo find out what help is available, call0161 205 5998Text SMOKE plus your name to 81025and they will call you backNHS Stop Smoking Helpline0800 169 0
  11. 11. Stop Smoking SupportThe Christie Drop In ServiceChristie Hospital Rehab UnitTuesday and Thursday 4 – 6pmFor in and out patients, carers andstaffNicotine Replacement Therapy(NRT) advice, inhalators, lozenges &patchesHypnotherapy, acupuncture & otherinterventions to manage cravings &anxietySupport and help with motivationSurvivorshipComplementaryTherapies
  12. 12. SurvivorshipGetting Help
  13. 13. Choosing a TherapistUse a qualified therapist whobelongs to a professional bodyCheck costs beforehand. Make surecharges are fair.Cancerbackup will give an idea ofwhat’s usual.Treatments provided by Day CareCentres are free.If in doubt, talk to your healthcareprofessional and ask for their advice.Choose the therapy that feelscomfortable and safe for youThe CT team at The Christie can’tbe responsible for treatmentsprovided outside the hospital, butwe’re happy to offer other sourcesof support and advice.SurvivorshipComplementaryTherapies
  14. 14. The ChristieJustine HeywoodComplementary Therapist (YOU)07823 536 119Available for you at The ChristieMonday 1.30pm – 4.30pmTuesday 3.30pm – 6.30pmWednesday 8.30am – 4.30pmDrop-InVisit the Rehabilitation Unit,TheChristie,Tuesday & Thursdayevenings forShort Massage 5.00pm – 6.00pmStop Smoking 4.00pm – 6.00pmRelaxation 6.00pm - 6.30pmSurvivorshipComplementaryTherapies
  15. 15. Useful ContactsThe ChristieCancer Information Centre:0161 446 8100MacmillanFree helpline for information aboutservices Nationwide0808 800
  16. 16. Cancer Care Centers 1Beechwood Cancer Care CentreChelford Grove, Stockport0161 476 0384Trafford Macmillan Care CentreMoorside Road, Davyhulme, Manchester0161 746 2080Oldham Cancer Support CentreFailsworth Primary Care ResourceCentre,Ashton Road West, Failsworth0161 906 2940SurvivorshipComplementaryTherapies
  17. 17. Cancer Care Centers 2Neil Cliffe Cancer Care CentreWythenshawe Hospital0161 291 2912Bury Cancer Support CentreSt James Church Centre, St James Avenue(Off Walshaw Road) Bury07899 990260Macclesfield Cancer Help CentrePrestbury Methodist Church, MacclesfieldRoad07981 899526SurvivorshipComplementaryTherapies
  18. 18. SummaryResearch work is helping to evaluatethe evidence of ComplementaryTherapies (CT) in cancer care.Evidence suggests that CT can helpwith anxiety, & specific symptoms(e.g. pain, insomnia).CT also brings a feeling of warmth,relaxation and security – allbeneficial to keeping healthy.Stop Smoking Support - helps youmanage cravings & become SmokeFree.Helplines, Cancer Care Centres andThe Christie Drop-In can help you.SurvivorshipComplementaryTherapies
  19. 19. ComplementaryTherapiesJustine HeywoodSenior TherapistY.O.USurvivorship
  20. 20. Complementary TherapiesAuthor: Justine Heywood, Senior Therapist, Y.O.UDesign & Editorial: Robert Hart-FletcherProduced by: KidsOKOnline, www.KidsOKOnline.comImages licensed from Shutterstock© Copyright 2013, Young Oncology Unit, The ChristieHospital, ManchesterContact: byKidsOKOnline