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5 magazine front covers

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5 magazine front covers

  1. 1. The sky line reveals a secret about the notorious film. Placing this The cover line “50 greatest songs”information at the top emphases the importance of the is equally as eye catching at theinformation. The use both blue and pink also creates a striking cover line “Kanye West”. I thinkattraction and importance and blue and pink is used to attract your this is a great cover line, as theattention around the whole of the front of the magazine. magazine is based upon music, The masthead is a bright vibrant blue, the same colour as the music lovers will be the people males jacket on the front page, this link of colour creates a relation who will be reading the magazine to the importance of both the image and name of magazine. and if you like listening to music Catching an audiences attention to what the magazine Is called so you will be drawn to this magazine that you remember it and equally by catching your attention due to as you will want to know what the image of a rap artist. Even though the use of blue is bigger on those 50 songs are and whether the masthead the use of the colour on the image, the image itself you know them or not. Due to the is striking enough so attention is balanced between the masthead fact that there are 50 would also and image. interest a reader as it a large amount of songs, creating theThe main cover line, “KANYE WEST” is bright pink, which is effect that the content of thisas eye catching as the blue. The fact that this cover line (and magazine is detailed and specific.all the cover lines) are in capital letters creates an effect tothe audience that the information the magazine contains is Mode of address: the front cover creates the impression that this issue is morevery important. Having “KANYE WEST” as the largest cover so based upon “Rap” music due to the fact that Kayne West is the main imageline creates the impression that he is the “pull” of the and he is a rap artist, that the main cover article is about him indicating againmagazine, he attracting customers to want to read the that it is based around rap music and also the fact that it states a quote from himmagazine. Having the main image of him also is an stating “I am rap” which clearly sets out to a reader that there is a lot of contentadvantage. Kanye West has been purposely placed on the based upon this genre of music. Although the other cover lines create thefront cover as well as his name being the biggest cover line impression that other genres of music are within this magazine; “Britney Spears”-on the front cover to try and attract more customers as he is another famous artist but of hip hop. The colour scheme also suggests a multi-a very famous artist. Under his name lies a quote from him “I gender approach, using both blue and pink creates the effect that both girls andam rap”, this would attract readers as it creates the boys should interested in the magazine; this creates a larger non-specific targetimpression that he is “best in the business” and that he is a audience.very important man. On the other hand, people who do not The main image is very eye catching as he contrasts to the background, and duelike him as an artist or do not like him may find his quote to his dark completion stands above any of the bright cover lines or the masterwrong and very arrogant, turning them away from the head. This creates a large importance for the man. His facial expression creates amagazine as he seems to be “too big for his own boots”. very mellow yet very serious image. His straight faced expression may turn awayA bright vibrant blue and pink colour scheme has been used. customers as he can come across as moody and also turn them away because heThese colours work very well together and also create a multi- looks like he thinks hes “all that” and tough. Others will argue that he is a verygender approach. Having both blue and pink creates the effect famous man so its alright for him to do that and that this glare is merrily showingthat this magazine is aimed at both males and females. an audience that nobody should “mess” with him.
  2. 2. Buzz words are used in this magazine to try and attract an audience to the magazine in the hope that they will continue to read and also to showthe reader that they are getting extra content with this issue making it better and more valuable. Stating that a “ Free CD” is included will attracta reader and possibly persuade the reader to buy it because it seems like a good deal. Free posters are included which again will attract morecustomers to buy the magazine and a third buzz word is used stating that you can “Win!” something addition, again this creates the effect thatthe magazine is trying to lure people into taking an interest in the magazine by offering a variety of different “free” things. The fact that two ofthe buzz words are within the skyline creates an importance to them as they are placed at the top of the magazine. Red is the only major colouron the front of the magazine whereby the main cover line is red and is the largest of all the writing on the page, and shoots of the page catchingthe readers attention. Due to the fact that the buzz word “Free” is used twice in the skyline and is in red creates a relation between the maincover line and the free CD and posters. The cover line is obviously the main pull for the magazine yet the free things are also being used to tryand attract more customers, hence the use of the colour red. The use of red is also used for the third buzz word “Win” again linking to the coverline and its importance to the magazine. Layout: A disadvantage of this magazine front cover is that they havent takenThe masthead indicates to a reader what genre of music advantage of the whole page and advertised other main sections in their magazinethe magazine is based on.;“Metal Hammer” involves attracting customers on a wider scale. On the other hand, having just the one cover“Metal music. The masthead is large and catches your line can be seen as an advantage as well, due to the fact that this magazine isattention although it is the same dark colour scheme as specifically aimed at metal hammer fans, slipknot is an obvious favourite and wouldthe main image so it kind of blends into it. On the other attract a large majority of metal hammer fans. Also because this magazine is aimedhand a relation between the image and masthead is at a specific genre a lot of their customers are loyal customers and wouldcreated which creates a balanced view and the effect that automatically buy the magazine anyway.they are equally important. The main cover line is the largest piece of writing on the page and is also in brightEven though the colours are not bright and cheery it is still red, one of the most colourful things of the page. Due to the size and colour iteye catching and more importantly related to the target attracts your attention quickly especially on the dark schemed background. The factaudience specifically with a “dark and scary stereotypical that it is at a slant creates a “rock star metal” approach. It s unbalanced and makesmetal scheme. it look more scary, which stereotypically links to the genre. Again due to the size and colour it creates the effect that this cover line is supposed to be the pull of the magazine and is the thing that is supposed to really draw you into it.; which it does. Mode of address: the masthead creates the effect that this magazine is specifically aimed at metal loves due to the fact that it is called “Metal Hammer”. The fact that Slipknot is the main cover line again creates the effect that this magazine is aimed at metal fans due to the fact that it is a metal band (although only people would know this if they knew the band). The main image creates a scary image, but again fits into the “metal” stereotypical image. The main image is of a “dark and scary” image, relating to slipknot and the magazine as a whole. It is very unattractive and un-colourful yet it works for the genre of the magazine, therefore it will attract metal hammer fan and not a mainstream wide variety audience. This can be seen as a negative as it will not attract a large variety of people but also a positive as it is aiming as one particular set of people, therefore for the magazine will be more specific for that audience, meeting more of their needs, creating more loyal customers.
  3. 3. At the top of the magazine, Reading and Leeds festival is advertised. The fact that it states that this issue is “special previewBy advertising that information of these festivals is within the issue” creates the effect that it is “special”, which givesmagazine creates is a huge pull due to the fact that a large majority the magazine more value; making an audience moreof NME readers go to gigs and festivals, therefore this is will interest interested in the magazine. “Special” is in big red capitala reader and will encourage them to purchase the magazine. The letters, that immediately catch your attention. Both thefact that these festivals as a whole are well known and very popular masthead and the word “special” are red and are of ais also a huge pull as if people are aware and like the festivals it is similar size, creating the effect that they are important.more likely they will take more interest into the magazine. The band that form the main image are placed inThe main cover line, is yellow and is of the biggest font size than different positions . I think this makes the magazineanything else on the page. Even though it is the boldest and stands more interesting than having them stand in a straightout the most, the page is balanced with the cover line below, line, it makes them look more individual. The main imagemasthead above, the main image and also advertisement of the is a typical mid-shot , showing the reader enough of thefestivals. The size of the main cover line emphases the importance people to see them in detail; as if you were talking toof the band the Arctic Monkeys and the fact that the cover line them in person, making the magazine seem moreand main image of them takes up basically the whole of the personal. The members of the bands facial expressionsmagazine, indicating that these people are the main pull of the are very laid back and straight that could be seen asmagazine. One disadvantage is that not many cover lines have them just being “chilled” or on the other hand, as if theybeen used around the page; therefore they havent used the space are too straight faced and their advantage drawing in more customers who may take an Mode of address-It is notinterest to other things within the magazine, yet on the other obvious who this magazine ishand, just having the Arctic Monkeys take up most of the page, directly aimed at as a neutrallooks very attractive and also to some is a big pull. approach has been taken,The main colour scheme is red and yellow. These two colours indicating that both genderswork well together and are frequent colours used by this would be interested within themagazine; therefore it is easily recognisable to a reader and are magazine. Due to the fact thatcolours a reader can relate instantly to this magazine. Frequently a specific audience hasnt beenusing these colours would also mean that to loyal customers it targeted many people may bewould be easier to pick out the magazine in a store. I like the idea turned away as it is not specificthat they have used this colour scheme also, as it matches with enough for them, making itthe “Reading and Leeds Festival” logos. It makes the magazine hard for them to relate andlook more attractive and it also balances out the importance of take interest as maybe onlyeverything on the front cover, making a reader to observe/take one section may apply toan interest in the whole page. them.
  4. 4. A typical red colour scheme has been used; which to loyal customers would be easily recognisable as after researching a variety of NME front covers I have seen that red and yellow are frequently used colours for NME. I like the fact that the colour scheme is not only used for the text it is also used in the imagery with the clothing; this creates a connection between everything on the page and balances out the importance of everything on it. This creates the reader to look not only in one place but at the whole. The masthead is also in red continuing this frequent use of the recognisable “NME” colour. The fact that the masthead is one of the biggest pieces of writing on the page, creates a large importance of it. It creates the effect that the producers of the magazine want the name of the magazine to stand out and to be known and recognised easily. I have noticed that the masthead is always in the same position; this again creates a reorganisation with the magazine, making it easy for a loyal customer to locate the magazine.The main image uses a blue and red colour scheme that is used The main cover line “Vampire Weekend” is reasonablythroughout the magazine. This creates a balanced importance of big yet it doesnt stand out as much as otherthe contents of the magazine. The fact that one of the singers that magazines main cover lines do. In a way I think it is anis within the band “Vampire Weekend” is tilting his sunglasses advantage as everything is balanced and comes acrossand almost looking directly at the reader creates a connection as equal; drawing your attention not to just one spotwith the audience. It makes a reader feel more involved in the but the whole magazine. Yet on the other hand, I thinkmagazine and part of something, it also lures a reader more so it is a disadvantage as it doesn’t bring enoughinto wanting to purchase the magazine. attention to the magazine as it doesnt stand out enough.A buzz word is used to try and lure readers in. By offering things for “free” immediately attracts the target audience and influencesthem to buy it because they think that they are getting something from the magazine as they are able to win VIP camping. NMEfrequently offer information on gigs and festivals therefore offering the chance to win VIP camping for a festival would be great forloyal customers.The other cover line varies in size yet it still reasonably big. It informs a reader that the magazine includes “25 bands” thatare making America cool again. For one, due to the fact that this is a music magazine, giving their audience information on“top” bands would interest them. Using the word “top” creates the effect that these bands are very good, again drawing anaudience into the magazine and influencing them to purchase it. The fact that above it says in a circular bubble that they loveUSA may turn many readers off, as they may prefer to listen to English bands.
  5. 5. The main cover line “The Automatic”The positioning of the main image has been done in a very interesting way. which is the name of the band and areIts taken from a high angle giving the audience the power, making them more the people in the main image; thisin control. By giving the audience the power it could potentially make them creates a great importance of the bandwant to buy the magazine more so as they feel like they have power. in relation to the magazine as they appear in the main image and theA red and yellow colour scheme has been used, which is stereotypical main cover line is the biggest and mostfor NME. This gives NME’s loyal customers something that they can eye catching piece of writing.recognise with them. Obviously, this band is the pull of the magazine and they have used them as the main image and given the mainThe cover line that states about “My cover line to them as they are theChemical Romance” new album review attraction for customers to purchasewould interest a lot of readers as it would the magazine. The fact that the covergive them information on the album, line is at a slant creates a edginess tohelping a reader cast an idea on whether the band, creating a unique sensethey would like the album and would want which then creates the impressionto buy the magazine. that the magazine is unique whichThere is another cover line that talks about would attract a lot of customers as“New music” that is involved in this issue. people like “difference”.Obviously if you are interested inmusic(and NME covers a lot of genres) There is a quote from the band “Theadvertising new music is a good idea, as Automatic” relating to big brother. Inmany people would take an interest in the general using this particular quote isnew sounds and people who may become The masthead is a typical an advantage and would attract manypopular. NME red, showing constancy readers as big brother is a well knownA lot of cover lines have been used on this in the colour scheme. It is programme. Due to the fact that youfront cover, attracting many different bold and in a large font are aware of the programme but youpeople to the magazine for different attracting the readers eye are unaware of what the band arereasons. They have used their space well creating the effect that it is actually talking about; lures theand advertised the magazine on a high there to be noticed and readers in as you would want to knowlevel. recognised. what to talk about.