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Guy fawkes day class poems

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Guy fawkes day class poems

  1. 1. Guy Fawkes day Guy Fawkes is like sparkles in the sky… blue, green and purple.Fire works popping from differentplaces it sounds like machine guns up in the sky. It smells like gun powder. By Uate
  2. 2. Guy FawkesRockets shooting up in the sky as fast as a car withred, blue, yellow green bright explosions shapedlike a star in the sky. Bang, Bang, Bang sounds of shooting gun with abig bang and sounds of thunder everywhere inthe sky.Smells like smoke in my nose created by sparksfrom fireworks lit up with fire.By Dipesh
  3. 3. Guy FawkesWhat was that sound? A banging a shimmeringflower exploding. A light of sparkles comingtowards you. A shooting star of fire that’scoloured with gun powder. A sound of thunder ina colourful way. Smells like smoke, and gunpowder in the middle of nowhere.By Anaya
  4. 4. GUY FAWKESGuy Fawkes looks like shooting stars getting ready toburst out of a flower in the sky. Yellow, purple and greenexploding in the air.Guy Fawkes smells like mums burnt cooking waiting tobe taken out of the oven. It smells like smoke comingout of a chimney.Guy Fawkes sounds like machine guns shootingeverywhere around the sky. It sounds like thunderstarting than stopping 1 000 000 times over and over.By Celeste Williams
  5. 5. GUY FAWKESAs I look up into the night sky, I see a ginormousflower explode into colourful little lights spreadingaround the sky and outshine the stars as itdisappears.Ppppphhhhheeeewww, pow, boom, wow what wasthat? The disturbing sounds of fireworks sendsshivers down my spine as I run outside to listen to allthis chaos that’s going on outside.As the fireworks die down all that’s left is big darkclouds of smoke travelling my way .Gun powder is allthat sense but the smell AMAZEMENT also fills theair. All I am thinking is Guy Fawkes has arrived !!!!By Su-Elyse
  6. 6. What is Fireworks? A tail of sparkles bursting to explode in the blacknight. Colourful streams fill the darkness. Red, blue and gold all the colours at my sight. Sounds like sausages sizzling on the BBQ. Like a million balloons popping at once. Sounds like the paper crinkling. Smells like crispywedges fresh out of the pan. Like flames burning the trees and bushes. Yah you guess it its Guy Fawkes Day!!!! By Shaliya
  7. 7. A collision of Purple, Blue, Red, and Maroonexploding brighter than the stars So bright it stingsyour eyes right up high in the skyIt sounds like rice bubbles when you pour the milkon them snap crackle pop! BOOM CAPOW!!It smells like smoke and it reminds me of sausagessizzling away it smells like rubbish burning (In anice way!)Then I realise its another 365 more days until isGuy Fawkes again!By Josi
  8. 8. Guy FawkesDark, lonely night,Where is your light tonight?All those colourful tails of sparkles,The sound of thunder and crackle,Smell like smoke of excitement,Guy Fawkes is here tonight.By: Michelle
  9. 9. FireworksAshes of colour exploding and illuminating the wispy night sky andrainbow sparks falling like a meteor shower.I can smell thick black foul smoke making its way up my nostrils andmaking me taste a disgusting burnt taste, fumigating my wholebody.I can hear missiles from all directions flying into the sky and makingbooms and crackles like the sound of stepping on potato chips crrcrr is all I hear in my ears.By Philip
  10. 10. Fire worksI can see the colourful stars in the sky .The colour is red, blue, green. itscolourful. The fireworks smell likesmoke. The fireworks go up they pop,pop and the sound boom!By Ritikesh
  11. 11. Guy FawkesAll you can see is a buffet with a silentmeteor shower and as it fall POP goes theweasel with fruit bursts bursting out with thesound of popcorn getting ready. Shootingstars with the sound of pork crackling crackle.
  12. 12. Guy FawkesBOOM!! POWW! POWW! BBZZZZZ where’s all this noisecoming from? All these crackling sounds like thunder. Iwent to go see outside and I saw a huge colourfulexplosion and the sparkles all wondering around in thehigh sky’s. It was so wonderful with heaps of colours andpatterns. I smelt huge amounts of excitement. All thesmoke filled up my nostrils and blocked it. Sadly I can’tsmell anything now.By Krish
  13. 13. Guy FawkesSitting in my room just chilling, watching T.V. Suddenly 10minutes later… Boom! Scatter! Boom! Boom! I thought itwas some type of gunman. So I ran to the window lookingworried. I opened the curtains and… Boom, Boom,Boom! I saw some beautiful patterns in the in the sky.Green, Blue, Orange, Purple all the colours you canimagine!By Aasim