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The 64 Wealth Vectors

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Slides on the 64 Wealth Vectors and the 8 Hero's Journeys, linked to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. Every one of us is on an epic journey linked to the world's greatest stories.

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The 64 Wealth Vectors

  1. 1. The Vector Cards
  2. 2. DYNAMO Wood - What? TEMPO Earth - When? Sensory Intuitive Extrovert Introvert BLAZE STEEL Fire-Who? Metal-How? Mountain Heaven Lightning Wind Earth Valley Water Fire Mechanic Creator Star Supporter Deal MakerTrader Lord Accumulator
  3. 3. SPRING Mountain Heaven Lightning Wind Earth Valley Water Fire YIN YANG AUTUMNSUMMERWINTER Mechanic Creator Star Supporter Deal Maker Trader Lord Accumulator
  4. 4. SPRING Mountain Heaven Lightning Wind Earth Valley Water Fire YIN YANG AUTUMNSUMMERWINTER Mechanic Creator Star Supporter Deal Maker Trader Lord Accumulator 8 Wealth Vectors “8 flavours of time”
  5. 5. Sensory Intuitive Extrovert Introvert Brand Attraction Operating Team Market Connections Tradeable Entity Cashflow Infrastructure Bankable Asset Licensable System Proven Concept The Eight Enterprise Stages
  6. 6. Five Stages on the Quest What? Who?When? How? Why? 1. The Call to Adventure: From ordinary to extraordinary 2. Road of Trials: Overcoming tasks and trials with the right team 3. The Boon: The reward for overcoming adversity 4. The Return: Return with the boon to the ordinary world 5. The Application: Sharing the reward with others
  7. 7. Creator - The Daring Adventure Myth Peter Pan
  8. 8. Creator - The Great Adventure Myth 1. Creation 2. Innocence 3. Partnership 4. Caution 5. Standstill 6. Collaboration 7. Conflict 8. Retreat Peter loses his shadow in Wendy’s room Wendy meets Peter and learns about Neverland Peter and Wendy team up and fly to Neverland Wendy and her brothers get attacked by Hook The team recover in an underground house The team plan with the Lost Boys to attack Hook The battle with the Pirate, that ends in a bitter victory Wendy returns home. Peter cannot, and the cycle repeats Peter Pan
  9. 9. Trader - The Great Mother Myth Snow White
  10. 10. Trader - The Great Mother Myth 1. Yield 2. Spread 3. Safety 4. Humility 5. Harmony 6. Renewal 7. Settle 8. Approach As the dwarfs toil, the Queen gives birth to Snow White The Mirror tells the new Queen she isn’t fairest of them all The huntsman lets Snow White escape from death Snow White seeks a home with the seven dwarfs Snow White’s addition leads to a productive, happy home The Queen finally gets Snow White to bite the poison apple Snow White sleeps in a glass coffin A prince arrives, and wakes Snow White with a kiss Snow White
  11. 11. Star - The Redemption Myth The Lion King
  12. 12. Star - The Redemption Myth 1. Attention 2. Abundance 3. Relationship 4. Preparation 5. Endurance 6. Relief 7. Weakness 8. Power Rafiki presents a newborn Simba to the pride Mufasa teaches Simba about the Circle of Life Simba and Nala’s play leads to the Elephant Graveyard Simba is caught and swallowed in the stampede Simba finds himself banished and wanders in exile Poomba releases Simba from his prison Simba holds his own against Scar Simba takes over rule in the name of his father The Lion King
  13. 13. Accumulator - The Watchtower Myth Rapunzel
  14. 14. Accumulator - The Watchtower Myth 1. Compliance 2. Reversal 3. Development 4. Accumulation 5. Support 6. Family 7. Confidence 8. Overview The witch persuades Rapunzel’s father to pass her over On her 12th birthday Rapunzel is tricked into the tower Over time Rapunzel grows her hair the length of the tower With the help of a prince she sews a silk rope to escape Rapunzel continues to care for the witch as things unfold Rapunzel accidentally gives the game away to the witch Rapunzel waits for the prince, who the witch has blinded With patience, the prince is finally united with Rapunzel Rapunzel
  15. 15. Supporter - The Dreamland Myth Alice in Wonderland
  16. 16. Supporter - The Dreamland Myth 1. Illumination 2. Opposition 3. Charge 4. Consolidation 5. Disconnect 6. Wander 7. Prosperity 8. Precision On a sunny day, Alice meets and follow the white rabbit Alice loses her identity in a pool of tears The dodo creates the Caucus Race to dry everyone off She takes advice from the rabbit, caterpillar & cheshire cat Alice sits quietly at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Alice wanders off and stumbles on the Queen’s Croquet Alice finds a place advising the Queen of Hearts In court: Who stole the tarts? Alice calls it as it is Alice in Wonderland
  17. 17. Lord - The Masked Man Myth Beauty & the Beast
  18. 18. Lord - The Masked Man Myth 1. Domination 2. Disability 3. Patience 4. Struggle 5. Reprieve 6. Limitation 7. Union 8. Sustainability The rich prince and his family rule over the land The evil fairy turns him into a beast, who must find acceptance The beast waits patiently in his castle for his beauty A merchant transgresses on the castle and a deal is struck The Beast lets the merchant go and awaits the outcome Belle takes the consequence of her father’s action Belle and the Beast fall in love, but she returns to her family Belle comes back and her tears turn him back to a prince Beauty & the Beast
  19. 19. Deal Maker - The Lovers Myth The Little Mermaid
  20. 20. Deal Maker - The Lovers Myth 1. Assembly 2. Play 3. Overload 4. Adversity 5. Courtship 6. Breakthrough 7. Flow 8. Reform The Little Mermaid celebrates her 15th Birthday Playing in the sea, she surfaces in stormy waters She watches a ship sink and rescues her prince She makes a deal with the sea witch, trading her tongue The Little Mermaid and Prince begin a courtship The Prince is married to another princess and all is lost The Little Mermaid surrenders herself to the sea She is transformed into a spirit, having earned her soul The Little Mermaid
  21. 21. Mechanic - The Castaway Myth Wall-E
  22. 22. Mechanic - The Castaway Myth 1. Resolution 2. Collection 3. Fulfillment 4. Beauty 5. Sacrifice 6. Erosion 7. Extraction 8. Counsel Wall-E comes to terms with an unchanging landscape The first step is the collection of things to make a home This leads to find ways to eat, sleep and be safe Wall-E’s world is shaken by the entry of a new beauty Wall-E must sacrifice his world to save Eve Wall-E does not survive without the world he has created Eve realises Wall-E’s struggle and pulls him out of the dump Wall-E seeks the Captain’s support, and the day is saved Wall-E
  23. 23. Life Line Fate Line Head Line Love Line Life Line Fate Line Head Line Love Line MotherFather One All
  24. 24. DYNAMO Wood - What? TEMPO Earth - When? Sensory Intuitive Extrovert Introvert BLAZE STEEL Fire-Who? Metal-How? Mountain Heaven Lightning Wind Earth Valley Water Fire