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Jdev Extensions & Custom Audit Rules

Introduction to Oracle Jdeveloper Extensions SDK. Setting up project and developing Custom Rules using Jdev Extensions.

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Jdev Extensions & Custom Audit Rules

  1. 1. By: Rohan Walia
  2. 2. • Oracle Jdeveloper Extension SDK. • Install Extension SDK for Jdev. • Audit ADF Applications. • Steps for auditing ADF applications in Jdev. • Set up workspace to create Jdev extensions. • Create extension project and understand its components. • Create custom Audit Rule. • Run extension and test Audit Rule.
  3. 3. Public API Extend and customize Dev Env. Develop Jdev extensions. Add new component in Jdev Menu Integrate third party tools. Can create a completely new editor Custom Audit Rules and much more !
  4. 4. Finding defects Fixing defects Coding Guidelines Improved Code Quality
  5. 5. Static analysis of code for adherence to rules Finds defects that make code difficult to improve and maintain Defects can also be fixed by Audit tool. Can be done on code which is not compliable or not executable. Profiles can be created and Customized. Rules can be selected to include/exclude as part of Audit Audit report displays rule violations and measurements organized as a tree.
  6. 6. New project in Jdev as Extension Application. Extsnsions.xml & Manifest.MF Bundled as Zip Distributed via Jdeveloper update center.
  7. 7. Reference dependencies used to develop extensions. Has different types of Hooks. Of Extensions Project Hooks are predefined XML tags used to add extensions to Jdev IDE. Audit rules are inside audit-hook tag. Audit-Hook is used to create a audit root category.
  8. 8. Has dependencies which extensions.xml defines in dependencies tab. Properties file is used to provide labels and message descriptions.
  9. 9. New Rule is added as audit-hook in Extensions.xml.
  10. 10. Labels and messages are defined here.
  11. 11. Extends oracle.jdeveloper.audit.analyzer.Analyzer Enter method sets rule to off if its not ViewObject file.
  12. 12. Named as Enter and Exit having two parameters. First param is Audit Context. Called for each workspace, document, element ,attribute , source class and source method.
  13. 13. Creates an instance of each analyzer class in the profile Gets the rule instances of each analyzer. Scans the visitor methods of each analyzer class. Invokes enter / exit methods which match this model Audit begins its traversal at the IDE Workspaces mo del. Organizes them into dispatch lists per construct type. Collects information in visitor methods Analyzers it and reports violations as traversal ascends Creates an Audit report.
  14. 14. First Deploy To Target Platform Creates a Jar file of extensions project & use it when running extensions app. Run Extension New Jdeveloper instance gets open. Custom Extensions. Can Debug code by opting Debug Extension.
  15. 15. Create bundle.xml in the project. Create jar deployment profile Change the extension from jar to zip. Distributed through Custom Jdev Update center.
  16. 16.  Creating Audit Rules :  Audit Rules Index Page :   Distribute extensions :